Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dress sizing

Have traced and cut out two sizes of the pattern for the bodice, as my measurements fit both. Cut one size out of the calico i bought and sewed it together, but it was a little too loose so i've unpicked it and recut it to the smaller size. This particular bodice opens at the front with hooks and eyes, but i'd prefer it to open at the back with loops and a ribbon, so that will be my first alteration to the pattern. 

Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been looking at what we need to book for the wedding day; from the wedding planner's site you can book a photographer, musician for the ceremony, flowers, bridal car, hair, makeup and reception venue. It does cost extra for them to source it for you and i'm not sure that they actually tell you the names of the companies. On all the wedding planner websites i've looked it reception venues, for example, are listed with a few photos and a title like 'hotel 1' - i'd rather do a bit of research myself on them before booking. So at the moment i'm going to research services myself, with help from Rob when he's back from his course (he's away for a month).
I've sent a quote request off to Babette Ristorante, a restaurant with a beautiful outdoor section over the weekend, but am still waiting for a reply.

I have had some luck with flowers though; after fruitless searching for an english speaking florist with prices on their website, i came across a video showing how to make your own bouquets. That got me onto buttonholes (boutonniere) and corsages, and now i'm confident (will have to do a few trials at home first) that i can purchase flowers at a local florist and make my own the day before the wedding.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I really like this as an idea for accommodation. It's a studio apartment in a building of twelve, so if the guests decide to we can all stay in the same building for a few days.

Paper shopping

I've just got back from Stamp-It where i spent the last two hours in airconditioned comfort walking round looking at all the displays of handmade invitations. I had an idea of what i wanted before i went, but it's changed slightly now after seeing all the gorgeous creations on the walls. I ended up buying three different sheets, one a shimmery red cardstock, an oyster paper from the same lines, and a red paper which is stamped with a print in silver, making the paper look silver with red flowers and red splashes. Bit scared of cutting up this beautiful paper now! I shall have to practice on regular paper first.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Patterns and Calico

Went to Spotlight in Midland today and bought my patterns. I got two as i like the bodice from one and the skirt from the other, although i think i'll alter the skirt to ruche on one side only, like the Mancini 'Eve' dress. Undecided yet, but i'll try out both and see which i like. I bought the calico to mock up the dress first, as well as the boning and fastenings.

Tomorrow i'll visit a scrapbooking shop i know of to buy some paper punches for the invites. I'd like to send out the Save the Date cards a year ahead of the wedding, so i've got plenty of time to make them, but it's something fun to do :) and i get tired of sewing very quickly.

Dress cost so far: $19.60 for the patterns and $34.38 for the calico and fittings ($53.98).

Dress try-ons

I tried on my first wedding dress yesterday. I liked the look of this dress 'Eve' from Brides By Mancini (pic from the Ferrari Formal site), so rang a bridal shop near work and they had one in stock, a size too large but it gave me an idea of how it would look on me. Unfortunately it's too princessy for me; i'm petite and the skirt just looked too puffy. I love the bodice structure though. The girl recommended i try an A-line style instead and brought me one to put on. I don't have a pic of it, but it was similar in style to the Mancini 'Lianne' (but strapless and the bodice was ruched chiffon). Much better. 

I've seen some gorgeous colours too, i'd probably describe them as a pale mocha. Names of colours don't really help much as each designer seems to call it something different. As i'm planning to make my dress i am only limited to what colours the material comes in, so i should be able to find something close.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're engaged!

Rob proposed on 21 November last year. We'd gone ring shopping the night before and both picked out the same ring as our favourite. He waited till the next day to buy it and bring it home while i was still on my way back from work, and as it was a hot day we were cooling off in the pool when he reached behind me into his towel to get the ring, and asked me to be his wife. It was a complete surprise, because although we'd talked about getting married for some time i hadn't expected it to be the day after we'd picked it and he'd secretly gone back to buy it - he couldn't have got the timing better :)

We decided on 2010 for the wedding. Plenty of time to organise details and plan and book. We kept the news all to ourselves for that night; Rob took me out to dinner to celebrate and we decided to tell our families and friends the next day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Starting out

The whole purpose of this page is to help me and my gorgeous boy organise our wedding. We don't like to waste money and we're both quite creative, so we're going to attempt to do as much of the planning and actual making of things ourselves, both to keep costs down and to be able to customise things just the way we want them. Bold? Perhaps, but surely not an impossible thing to do. There are so many other couples doing it all themselves too.

I was inspired to write this blog after reading Heather's blog, Road to the Aisle, on It's given me so many ideas to try out, and she's very kindly written instructions on a lot of the items she made for her wedding.

Hopefully this blog will help me stay organised, so i can see what i've done and ideas i have yet to start on. And, i also hope it will help other do-it-yourselfers along their journey to the aisle.