Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been looking at what we need to book for the wedding day; from the wedding planner's site you can book a photographer, musician for the ceremony, flowers, bridal car, hair, makeup and reception venue. It does cost extra for them to source it for you and i'm not sure that they actually tell you the names of the companies. On all the wedding planner websites i've looked it reception venues, for example, are listed with a few photos and a title like 'hotel 1' - i'd rather do a bit of research myself on them before booking. So at the moment i'm going to research services myself, with help from Rob when he's back from his course (he's away for a month).
I've sent a quote request off to Babette Ristorante, a restaurant with a beautiful outdoor section over the weekend, but am still waiting for a reply.

I have had some luck with flowers though; after fruitless searching for an english speaking florist with prices on their website, i came across a video showing how to make your own bouquets. That got me onto buttonholes (boutonniere) and corsages, and now i'm confident (will have to do a few trials at home first) that i can purchase flowers at a local florist and make my own the day before the wedding.

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