Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A reception venue!

I emailed Etabli on Sunday night and they replied today with good news; their menus are around E40 per person. Much less than the E60 i'd budgeted so really pleased. They also have a wine and tapas bar so we can either have champagne at our accommodation or ask everyone to meet us at the bar after we've done photos.

Will reply to them tomorrow to see how far in advance they take bookings.

Budgeting for champagne at our accom is E15 for 18 people (we think probably we'll get 10-15 people, but just in case i'll budget 18. We're inviting 40 adults, but most people won't be able to afford the plane tickets or time off work and will only attend the Perth reception). There's 6 glasses to a bottle; make it 5 large and that means we need only 4 bottles for one toast. Make it 8; we'll always drink any leftover!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Wedding planner (inc translator, wedding venue and mayor fees, assistance with paperwork) is approx $2500.

If we want the wedding planner to book reception venue, transfers etc, it will cost another $1400! Guess we're going to have to book a restaurant ourselves. I'm budgeting E60 for that, and based on 15 people that'll be $1800.

Photographer is $5400.

Flights $2100 each.

Hair and makeup i'm doing myself, no cost as i'll have everything. Nail polish i can reuse also.

Bouquets and boutonniere - i will buy flowers at a local florist and make up the bouquets myself. i'll have to do a trial here, so there'll be two costs. Two dozen roses from a florist here seem to be $250. Ouch. I'm thinking two dozen for my bridal bouquet, one dozen for my sister (maid of honour), and i was also thinking of making boutonnieres and corsages (although they look a bit trickier than handtied bouquets). Just for the bouquets then, would be $375 for the trial and i estimate the same for the day, plus florist's wire and ribbon, probably about another $20 or so. Rounding up $750. I'm sure there's a cheaper way to buy roses... i know Rome has flower markets but don't know the pricing.

Shoes - spotted some gorgeous ones online for $30, but they're only avail in silver. My dress will be ivory with a white underskirt, so i was leaning towards white. I'll budget $50.

Dress - so far for patterns and calico has been $55. Material will be 12m at $9pm ($108), lining 16m at $5pm ($80), and tulle, probably same amount as the lining. Haven't decided yet on beading.

$15030... that's pretty scary for just a costing so far. There's still a lot more to add in... 

Bomboniere - E15 each addressee (about 10 i estimate) $300.

Finally... RSVP card mail-merge done

That took as long to do as the invitations! I had to create a different label format as the sizes are different - i print three invitations to an A4 page and six RSVP cards to a page. I had it all working ages ago, except those guests who had three children. (I've set it so each couple or family with young children get one RSVP card for them all, rather than one each). For some reason, it didn't want to print the name of the third child, and if i deleted and recreated that field, it then decided to print the same family on each record on that page, so i'd end up with six copies! The trick was an extra field called Next Record. Once i placed that on the last line, i got six different invitees on each page, and all children printed :)

Bonus is i'm now an expert on mail-merge using labels in OpenOffice 3!

Now about to start on the reception and accommodation cards, which should be easy as there's no mail-merge involved. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Save the Date magnet design finished!

I've uploaded them now to VistaPrint and am just waiting for Rob to return from his course before ordering, so he can check over the design and let me know if he likes it. This is it!

I scanned the paper and played around with positioning in Photoshop before deciding on this layout. I've also decided on the layout for the invites, but haven't yet decided on the reception or rsvp cards.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Progress with Open Office

After a long struggle, i've finally managed to convince Open Office to vertically centre my mail-merge invitations, thanks to this page! I was actually supposed to be doing the Save the Date magnets, but i got a bit stuck and went back to the invitations for a break.

Will work on the magnets tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Choosing venues

Didn't get a reply from Babette Ristorante. As i need to really book in advance, i either need a restaurant that has an online booking option, or allows me to book via email. That puts Babette out of the running so i need to start looking again.