Sunday, February 8, 2009


Wedding planner (inc translator, wedding venue and mayor fees, assistance with paperwork) is approx $2500.

If we want the wedding planner to book reception venue, transfers etc, it will cost another $1400! Guess we're going to have to book a restaurant ourselves. I'm budgeting E60 for that, and based on 15 people that'll be $1800.

Photographer is $5400.

Flights $2100 each.

Hair and makeup i'm doing myself, no cost as i'll have everything. Nail polish i can reuse also.

Bouquets and boutonniere - i will buy flowers at a local florist and make up the bouquets myself. i'll have to do a trial here, so there'll be two costs. Two dozen roses from a florist here seem to be $250. Ouch. I'm thinking two dozen for my bridal bouquet, one dozen for my sister (maid of honour), and i was also thinking of making boutonnieres and corsages (although they look a bit trickier than handtied bouquets). Just for the bouquets then, would be $375 for the trial and i estimate the same for the day, plus florist's wire and ribbon, probably about another $20 or so. Rounding up $750. I'm sure there's a cheaper way to buy roses... i know Rome has flower markets but don't know the pricing.

Shoes - spotted some gorgeous ones online for $30, but they're only avail in silver. My dress will be ivory with a white underskirt, so i was leaning towards white. I'll budget $50.

Dress - so far for patterns and calico has been $55. Material will be 12m at $9pm ($108), lining 16m at $5pm ($80), and tulle, probably same amount as the lining. Haven't decided yet on beading.

$15030... that's pretty scary for just a costing so far. There's still a lot more to add in... 

Bomboniere - E15 each addressee (about 10 i estimate) $300.

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