Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally... RSVP card mail-merge done

That took as long to do as the invitations! I had to create a different label format as the sizes are different - i print three invitations to an A4 page and six RSVP cards to a page. I had it all working ages ago, except those guests who had three children. (I've set it so each couple or family with young children get one RSVP card for them all, rather than one each). For some reason, it didn't want to print the name of the third child, and if i deleted and recreated that field, it then decided to print the same family on each record on that page, so i'd end up with six copies! The trick was an extra field called Next Record. Once i placed that on the last line, i got six different invitees on each page, and all children printed :)

Bonus is i'm now an expert on mail-merge using labels in OpenOffice 3!

Now about to start on the reception and accommodation cards, which should be easy as there's no mail-merge involved. :)

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