Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A reception venue!

I emailed Etabli on Sunday night and they replied today with good news; their menus are around E40 per person. Much less than the E60 i'd budgeted so really pleased. They also have a wine and tapas bar so we can either have champagne at our accommodation or ask everyone to meet us at the bar after we've done photos.

Will reply to them tomorrow to see how far in advance they take bookings.

Budgeting for champagne at our accom is E15 for 18 people (we think probably we'll get 10-15 people, but just in case i'll budget 18. We're inviting 40 adults, but most people won't be able to afford the plane tickets or time off work and will only attend the Perth reception). There's 6 glasses to a bottle; make it 5 large and that means we need only 4 bottles for one toast. Make it 8; we'll always drink any leftover!

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