Saturday, March 14, 2009

Save the Dates backing card

I've decided to set out the Save the Date invites as the magnet at the top of a C6 size piece of oyster card, with a strip of the patterned paper running horizontally across the centre below it, and the wording Wedding, with Rome, Italy under it on the left and the date on the right, then below that the same format for Celebration, Perth, Australia. I've been getting a few queries from friends who are planning to attend the Rome wedding (love the lovely friends :) it's a big cost for them but they're getting all exciting about seeing europe) so decided to send the Save the Dates out now rather than a year before, my original plan.

I went to StampIt Thursday after work to get the paper and supplies, but they shut at 5 before i got there, so i'm going tomorrow. Have to work out now how much of each i'll need. It's a small guest list, 31 addressees at the moment (for about 60 guests) and i'll need a few spares in case i mess some up, and also a spare for our shadowbox.

Save the Date: 8 oyster cardstock, 2 patterned paper, 30 red C6 envelopes

Invitations: 11 red cardstocks, 11 oyster paper, 1 red paper, 1 patterned paper, 40 red DL envelopes

Reception cards (Rome and Perth): 22 red cardstock, 22 oyster paper, 4 patterned paper

Response cards and Map: 22 red cardstock, 22 oyster paper

Accommodation: 11 red cardstock, 22 oyster paper, 2 patterned paper

Total: 8 oyster cardstock, 66 red cardstock, 9 patterned paper, 66 oyster paper, 1 red paper, 30 C6 red envelopes, 40 DL red envelopes, a cream coloured sharpie, a heart-shaped punch, some thin red ribbon, thin double-sided tape and regular double-sided tape.

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