Sunday, April 19, 2009

Something old, something new...

Something old: haven't thought of anything yet.
Something new: obviously the wedding dress! that one's easy.
Something borrowed: my Gran died 9 years ago, and my grandad gave the three girls (my sister, me, and my cousin) each one of her rings - engagement, wedding and eternity. I've got the engagement ring, and i'll lace it into the back of my dress. Saw that done here on Heather's blog, Road to the Aisle, and it's a lovely idea.
Something blue: no idea yet either. Does it need to be seen? Blue underwear, anyone? ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good news on flights!

Just discovered on Facebook that a family friend is heading over to Europe (Finland) later this year and she has booked a flight on Singapore Air for $1500 return, which is an absolutely amazing price for Perth to London!! Usually it's around $2200. I've never been over for less than $1700 in the past 10 years. So excited :) That'll save us a heap of money and bring the estimated costs right down.

Deciding where to visit

Rob's onto the honeymoon research, picking out various towns and cities throughout Europe that he wants to visit. I've been to most of them, and added in a few of my favourites that i'm sure he'll love. He's been mocking up a timeline to see how many we can get to but not be rushed and we've limited it to 4 or 5 countries as we've only got 4 weeks.

Next he's going to look at trains, or if no trains other ways to get to the towns and around. We're thinking a Eurail pass is going to be the cheapest way of getting around.