Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wedding accommodation cost breakdown

Searching Venere tonight, i changed the area i was looking for accom in and found a 4 star hotel with a fantastic deal! So i can now change the accommodation estimate (assuming i can still get that deal next year).

Me and Rob: 4/10 - 9/10 Rome $1200, 2/10 - 3/10 Florence $180
Bridal party: 5/10 - 8/10 Rome $700
Photographer: 6/10 - 7/10 Rome $300

Wedding Timeline

Things To Do Upon Your Engagement

1.Announce your engagement and start to organise your engagement celebration.
2.Buy the engagement ring (if you haven't already got the rock on your finger!)
3.Decide on a wedding budget, and sit down with you partner to make important wedding decisions. Consider the style of wedding you would like ie black tie, lounge suit, smart casual etc and the atmosphere of the wedding day itself.
4.Decide on whether you are having a wedding close to home or a destination wedding
5.Decide on the date and time you would like to hold your wedding
6.If you plan on using a wedding planner to organise your entire wedding, book your wedding planner now

When You Have Set the Date

1.Book and confirm the wedding venue for both your ceremony and reception
2.Consider your wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses. Get the lowdown on finding the right wedding dress.
3.Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen
4.Start looking and booking wedding photographers and videographers portfolio's
5.Look at wedding stationery designs
6.Do a rough guest list to be edited as needed to get down to the size you have planned
7.Start thinking about your honeymoon destination

First Things First - Start Booking

1.Book and confirm your wedding photographer and videographer
2.If you are having your wedding dress made (as opposed to buying off the rack), select your wedding designer and wedding dress and get started on the gown.
3.Give your overseas or interstate guests notice of the wedding date - send out a save the date card.
4.Decide on a theme and colours you would like to follow beach, moroccan, indian summer, hawaiian, medieval, white or ivory, gold or silver, lemon or lime....

And then....

July 09

1.Finish dress mockup

August 09

1.Decide on timeline for dress.
2.Choose material for wedding dress.

September 09

1.Work on dress

October 09

1.Practice bridal bouquet

November 09

1.Aim to finish beading on dress this month, so it's complete.
2.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day.

December 09

1.Let wedding guests know via email that cheap flights are avail now.
2.Does Chantelle want Havaianas?
3.Practice Chantelle's hair and note time taken

January 10

1.Get Visas for Vietnam - at travel agent's
2.Check out camera sales
4.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day.
5.Get Chantelle to try on dress
6.Check if Glenn can wear his black suit
7.Make payment on rings

February 10

1.Start planning your order of service for the wedding ceremony and select (or start writing your own) hymns, vows and readings - almost done.
2.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day.
3.Buy new camera

March 10

1.Will mum be able to look after wedding dress while we are off honeymooning? Or, can Chantelle take back to UK? Chantelle happy to do this.
2.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day.
3.Finish planning your order of service for the wedding ceremony

April 10

2.Have the suit and pocketsquares for the groom made in Vietnam
3.Consider your wedding ceremony music. Listen to clips from different musicians and organise in iTunes. 
4.Consider your wedding invitations and stationery and start printing and assembling. This is invitations, RSVPs, accommodation, reception rome, reception perth.
5.Practice walking in your shoes.
6.Final payment to planner
7.See if accommodation is available to book for the wedding week (not yet avail).
8.Confirm guests' current addresses (email sent, waiting on replies).
9.Ask planner any questions re ceremony, speakers avail for music etc

May 10

1.Research taxis in Rome and prepare instructions for guests.
2.Finalise wedding ceremony music (order, burn to cd and create playlist) and see how wedding planner wants to handle it.
3.Organise your wedding bands (allow the jeweller at least 4 weeks to supply the wedding bands leaving time for resizing if necessary)
4.Decide on your gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen (2 nights accom, jewellery for Chantelle), mum and dad too (album).
5.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day.
6.Finish printing and assembling wedding invites. This is invitations, RSVPs, reception rome, reception perth. Include link to wedding website to point them to accom.
7.Send out the wedding invitations (5 months before)
8.Put final pics in OOS to finish it - almost done, just have to get a photo with Rob creating something.
9.See if accommodation is available to book for the wedding week - yes it is, will be booking next month.
10.Select (or start writing your own) hymns, vows and readings and email to planner.
11.Practice walking in your shoes-skipped.
12.Final payment to photographer - got final amount, waiting on bank details.
13.Buy cake glitter
14.Make some plans for your honeymoon, decide on Eurail pass or individual train journeys, look at places to go and stay - started.
15.Buy your wedding lingerie (printed Rob’s missus, something blue).
16.Find the cheapest flights and book them.

June 10

1.Decide on hair jewellery, make it and do a trial run
2.Reconfirm everyone...the wedding cars, wedding flowers, wedding entertainment, hair and makeup artist, wedding photographer and videographer etc
3.Wear in your wedding shoes, and scuff the bottom to ensure you don't slip-skipped
4.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day.
5.Book accommodation for us, Chantelle & James, and photographer.
6.Final payment to photographer.
7.Put final pics in OOS to finish it
8.Make some plans for your honeymoon, decide on Eurail pass or individual train journeys, look at places to go and stay - started.
July 10

1.RSVPs due back - call the non-responders to ask them to send the rsvps back
2.Let planner know the number of guests
3.Estimate costs for dinner in rome and perth and wine/champagne and put money aside.
4.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day-skipped.
5.Practice walking in your shoes.
6.Buy your wedding lingerie (printed Rob’s missus, something blue) and parasols.
7.Book accom for Glenn when he's bought his air ticket - he's cancelled.
8.Make some plans for your honeymoon, decide on Eurail pass or individual train journeys, look at places to go and stay - in progress. 

August 10

1.Check Chantelle has her shoes & dress - next month
2.Confirm last 2 guests for Rome
3.Re-waterproof shoes
4.Print order of service cover sheets.
5.Practice walking in your shoes.
6.Send out Perth invites on 17th - sent but one to be hand-delivered on Saturday.
7.Get wedding ring remade and engraved
8.Have your engagement ring resized, shaved and polished - in progress
9.Do a practice day for your hair and makeup to see if it will last out the day-skipped.
10.Email map and instructions for guests.
11.Decide how to get wedding dress and Rob's suit to Mum.
12.Sew in final hook and eye on modesty panel
13.Rob to ask new best man

September 10

1.Book ahr venue
2.Book Etabli for the reception dinner and Babette for the rehearsal dinner
3.Book an appointment at the hairdressers for final cut 4th week Sept - 20th-24th - if necessary.
4.Colour hair - thurs 16th or in Europe 1st Oct?
5.Get brows and lashes tinted - wed 22nd.
6.Confirm final numbers with venue and caterers
7.Let the bridal party know they’ll need to attend the rehearsal for the wedding ceremony on 5th October.
8.Let all the guests know there is a rehearsal dinner.
9.Print out itinerary for your trip - in progress
10.Reconfirm flights 72 hours before
11.Finalise order of the day, and email the relevant sections to all the people involved. Include maps if necessary.
12.Practice walking in your shoes.
13.Chase RSVPs for Perth only invites
14.Book seats on flights over - 17/18th.
15.Confirm if Glenn will/will not be in Rome - will not
16.Print OOS
17.Book accommodation
18.Buy Euro cashcard
19.Organise travel insurance.
20.Check Chantelle has her shoes
21.Finalise wedding ceremony music (order, burn to cd and mp3 player, and create playlist) - in progress
22.Put together sewing kit for dress to travel with

3 Weeks Before (Perth)

1.Pack your bags ready for the trip. Usual stuff plus a list of wedding things.

2 Days Before (5th October)

1.Chantelle and I go to the flower markets and buy 2 1/2 dozen red and 2 1/2 dozen cream roses and some buckets.
2.Have the wedding ceremony rehearsal
3.Chantelle and I do our own pedicures.
4.Rehearsal dinner.

The Day Before (6th October)

1.Make the bridal (25 red) and bridesmaid bouquets (18 cream), boutonniere for Dad (1 cream), corsage (3 cream) for Mum, store in fridge. (25 red, 22 cream) (afternoon)
2.Chantelle and I do our own manicures

The Night Before

1.Lay out your wedding shoes (scuffed so you don't slip), jewellery, hair jewellery and pins, makeup and lingerie ready for the following day and keep your wedding dress in a safe place.
2.Get a good nights sleep.

On The Day

1.Eat! Eat! Eat! Have a healthy breakfast and lunch - we don't need to tell you what happens after a glass or two of bubbly on a stomach full of nothing but nerves - you will be needing all the energy you can get!
2.Refer to your schedules if you need to.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More mock-up material

I ran out :( Only managed to get 3 skirt panels cut out of the remaining muslin. I decided to go with something cheaper than muslin this time, to help keep the costs down, and managed to find a roll that had 15m left on it for $2 a metre at Textile Traders. So that adds another $30 to my costs, plus some pins and a washable fabric pen at Spotlight ($13.47).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Have been working on the Order of the Day lately, not that exciting but necessary. I've estimated how long it will take us to get ready, when we need the photographer to start so that he get to shoot for half an hour into the dinner and yet still get shots of us getting ready while the boys are having fun (cos they don't have the hair/makeup/dresses to worry about!).

We've got probably 2 and a half to 3 hours between the ceremony and reception for photos. I haven't mapped this one out for places to photograph, and i may not - just leave it up to the photographer. He's not shot in Rome before but the pictures i've seen from him are amazing and i'm confident he'll be able to find some great shots without knowing the city that well.

I'm rethinking having bottles of wine and olive oil for bombonniere, as they'll probably push people's weight limits over on their return. Small bottles of oil would be better, i saw some online with white truffle, and a small bottle of balsamic perhaps or something else we spot over there.

Have been working on the calico for my dress. The corset top is together, i've worked out the spacing at the back for the lacing. Next step is to make and attach the skirt and adjust the join, because i'm making it from two different patterns and changing them both, but i've run out of material while cutting out the skirt pieces.

I'm going to order some of these next year:

Apparently if you're careful drying them, they'll withstand rain without damage. I'm hoping we only need them for sun and looking good in photos, but it's good to know they serve another purpose!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wow, it's been a month since i've done anything on the wedding! Oops. Time goes so quickly. 

What i have been doing is searching online for shoes. The gorgeous white peep toes that i have my eye on are still available, but i'm worried about the 9.5 cm heel... it'll look gorgeous but i seriously doubt my ability to walk all day in them, and there'll be a fair bit of walking involved. I think a kitten heel around 5-7 cm will be a lot more suitable and still give me a bit of height. Still to find one that's in my budget range though.

In my searching yesterday i came across a company which sells clear storage boxes for shoes, and they also have one designed for a wedding dress. They're called Closet Case, and the shoe and dress storage pack is $25. The boxes contain acid-free tissue paper, you get the dress dry-cleaned yourself and then pack it away in the box so you can see it whenever you like but don't have to worry about moisturiser or dirt getting on the fabric and damaging it.