Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Have been working on the Order of the Day lately, not that exciting but necessary. I've estimated how long it will take us to get ready, when we need the photographer to start so that he get to shoot for half an hour into the dinner and yet still get shots of us getting ready while the boys are having fun (cos they don't have the hair/makeup/dresses to worry about!).

We've got probably 2 and a half to 3 hours between the ceremony and reception for photos. I haven't mapped this one out for places to photograph, and i may not - just leave it up to the photographer. He's not shot in Rome before but the pictures i've seen from him are amazing and i'm confident he'll be able to find some great shots without knowing the city that well.

I'm rethinking having bottles of wine and olive oil for bombonniere, as they'll probably push people's weight limits over on their return. Small bottles of oil would be better, i saw some online with white truffle, and a small bottle of balsamic perhaps or something else we spot over there.

Have been working on the calico for my dress. The corset top is together, i've worked out the spacing at the back for the lacing. Next step is to make and attach the skirt and adjust the join, because i'm making it from two different patterns and changing them both, but i've run out of material while cutting out the skirt pieces.

I'm going to order some of these next year:

Apparently if you're careful drying them, they'll withstand rain without damage. I'm hoping we only need them for sun and looking good in photos, but it's good to know they serve another purpose!

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