Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wow, it's been a month since i've done anything on the wedding! Oops. Time goes so quickly. 

What i have been doing is searching online for shoes. The gorgeous white peep toes that i have my eye on are still available, but i'm worried about the 9.5 cm heel... it'll look gorgeous but i seriously doubt my ability to walk all day in them, and there'll be a fair bit of walking involved. I think a kitten heel around 5-7 cm will be a lot more suitable and still give me a bit of height. Still to find one that's in my budget range though.

In my searching yesterday i came across a company which sells clear storage boxes for shoes, and they also have one designed for a wedding dress. They're called Closet Case, and the shoe and dress storage pack is $25. The boxes contain acid-free tissue paper, you get the dress dry-cleaned yourself and then pack it away in the box so you can see it whenever you like but don't have to worry about moisturiser or dirt getting on the fabric and damaging it.

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