Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mockup of my DIY wedding dress!

It's quite exciting to see it take shape :) I've got the gathers in now, but haven't yet lifted one side of the dress as per my design. That'll be done next time Rob's away (i'm keeping it a surprise till our wedding day).

Front view - don't worry about the wonky panels, they're actually straight, it's just that i had to set the camera on timer and run a few 
steps away to get into shot. Barely had time to look up to see if the camera was about to shoot.

Back view - this is the best i could get of the train. it's tucked up under my feet a bit, it is only a short train anyway.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Petticoat almost finished

The petticoat took longer than i thought to finish, and i still need to hem it. The third tiers of netting were much more difficult than the previous tiers, probably because there's twice as much netting in them to gather and fit to the tier above. I had a lot of trouble with the second layer as the thread kept getting stuck when i tried to pull the netting along to gather, with the result that i broke the thread in several places and had to resew. But finally, all the netting is together and sewn onto the lining. 

I slipped the lining mockup for the dress over the top of the skirt to make sure it fits over the petticoat, and found i've got heaps of room. It's much longer than needed too, which is usual for me. I'll shorten the pattern so i'm not having to hem so much of the material when i cut it.

Now that my dress is starting to get a structure and is looking like a dress rather than a pile of material, i'm going to have to be careful when i work on it so that Rob doesn't see!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More netting for petticoat

I cut two sets of the first two tiers of the petticoat during the week and sewed them together. With what was left of the netting, i got six pieces of the 16 piece (two sets of eight) third tier, and worked out i needed another 2.7 metres of netting. Happily it only cost me $5 today to get it! Pity i can't make the wedding dress itself for the petticoat price :)

Tomorrow i'll cut the last pieces out and sew them together, then onto the top tiers and attach them to the lining. Hopefully i can get that done in an afternoon, and then i can use the petticoat to fit the length of the dress mockup.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Petticoat progress

The mockup for the petticoat turned out to be very quick and simple. It was too tight for me round the waist (i'm designing it to be a pull up one with an elastic waist, not one with a zip as in the pattern) and also too long, so i cut 4 1/2 inches off the top of the pattern pieces, which makes it sit on my hip (at the right height for the waistband) and touch the floor, so room to hem.

Yesterday in between helping Rob who was building a pillar for my new carport, i started on the petticoat. I got white bemsilk lining, ribbing and netting and cut all the pattern pieces out, realising i was short of netting -  the pattern had called for 180cm wide, and all that was available here seems to be 130cm. No matter, i'll buy some more later. 

I put together the waistband and lining, and sewed together the first two tiers of one layer of netting. It's fairly easy stuff to sew, the slow part is adjusting the gathering on the second tier to match the bottom of the first. Didn't work on it tonight, but plan to get the second layer done as far as i can, before calculating how much more netting i need to buy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dress design finalised

Had a brainwave on Sunday and worked out how to have the tulle showing underneath my dress. The skirt pattern has skirt fabric plus a lining, both cut to the same pattern, then a stay (underskirt) using the lining material which is used for the outer skirt to be stitched to to hold the gathers. But, the change i'm making is to lift one side of the dress to about halfway up my calf with deeper gathers than the other side, to show off the white tulle underneath, and i was having trouble figuring out how to do three things:
  • have the tulle showing under the gathers
  • gather the skirt onto the stay, with the tulle over the top of the stay
  • give the dress more body with a tulle petticoat, while still having the gathers attached to the stay
My solution is to create a separate petticoat made of netting, which will go underneath everything to add body to the dress. The dress itself, from the outside in, is the outer fabric plus lining as per the pattern, then there'll be a layer of tulle over the top of the stay - a single layer will still allow the stay to be used without crushing the tulle but will allow the tulle to show.

Pretty happy with that plan!

I've finished the mockup of the outer skirt and the stay. Have now to put them together with the bodice to adjust the join, as the bodice is from a different pattern to the skirt. I've also got to do a mockup of the tulle petticoat, using the petticoat design that is from the bodice pattern.