Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dress design finalised

Had a brainwave on Sunday and worked out how to have the tulle showing underneath my dress. The skirt pattern has skirt fabric plus a lining, both cut to the same pattern, then a stay (underskirt) using the lining material which is used for the outer skirt to be stitched to to hold the gathers. But, the change i'm making is to lift one side of the dress to about halfway up my calf with deeper gathers than the other side, to show off the white tulle underneath, and i was having trouble figuring out how to do three things:
  • have the tulle showing under the gathers
  • gather the skirt onto the stay, with the tulle over the top of the stay
  • give the dress more body with a tulle petticoat, while still having the gathers attached to the stay
My solution is to create a separate petticoat made of netting, which will go underneath everything to add body to the dress. The dress itself, from the outside in, is the outer fabric plus lining as per the pattern, then there'll be a layer of tulle over the top of the stay - a single layer will still allow the stay to be used without crushing the tulle but will allow the tulle to show.

Pretty happy with that plan!

I've finished the mockup of the outer skirt and the stay. Have now to put them together with the bodice to adjust the join, as the bodice is from a different pattern to the skirt. I've also got to do a mockup of the tulle petticoat, using the petticoat design that is from the bodice pattern.

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