Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Petticoat almost finished

The petticoat took longer than i thought to finish, and i still need to hem it. The third tiers of netting were much more difficult than the previous tiers, probably because there's twice as much netting in them to gather and fit to the tier above. I had a lot of trouble with the second layer as the thread kept getting stuck when i tried to pull the netting along to gather, with the result that i broke the thread in several places and had to resew. But finally, all the netting is together and sewn onto the lining. 

I slipped the lining mockup for the dress over the top of the skirt to make sure it fits over the petticoat, and found i've got heaps of room. It's much longer than needed too, which is usual for me. I'll shorten the pattern so i'm not having to hem so much of the material when i cut it.

Now that my dress is starting to get a structure and is looking like a dress rather than a pile of material, i'm going to have to be careful when i work on it so that Rob doesn't see!

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