Monday, June 8, 2009

Petticoat progress

The mockup for the petticoat turned out to be very quick and simple. It was too tight for me round the waist (i'm designing it to be a pull up one with an elastic waist, not one with a zip as in the pattern) and also too long, so i cut 4 1/2 inches off the top of the pattern pieces, which makes it sit on my hip (at the right height for the waistband) and touch the floor, so room to hem.

Yesterday in between helping Rob who was building a pillar for my new carport, i started on the petticoat. I got white bemsilk lining, ribbing and netting and cut all the pattern pieces out, realising i was short of netting -  the pattern had called for 180cm wide, and all that was available here seems to be 130cm. No matter, i'll buy some more later. 

I put together the waistband and lining, and sewed together the first two tiers of one layer of netting. It's fairly easy stuff to sew, the slow part is adjusting the gathering on the second tier to match the bottom of the first. Didn't work on it tonight, but plan to get the second layer done as far as i can, before calculating how much more netting i need to buy.

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