Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Passport arrived!

Quicker than i thought! Now i can book holidays this year and it's all ready when the Europe flights for next October are released.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding dress alterations

I've managed to drop the waist now on the corset part of the dress. Not sure if it's the way a dressmaker would do it, but i carefully pinned the corset on to my tshirt (which i was wearing) after unpicking it from the skirt, and then wrapped several strips of muslin round my hips where the corset ends, and pinned them to the corset and each other. I unpinned the corset from my tshirt and laid it flat on the ground to trim the bottom into a straight line across.

So that was the corset waist dropped, but now i had to create a pattern from it. I laid each pattern piece over the corset in turn, taped another piece of tracing paper to the bottom of the pattern, and followed the curve of the pattern piece onto the new tracing paper and then trimmed along the lines.

The new lowered corset allows me to have the skirt waist straight, rather than cutting a curve out of it to sew it to the corset. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elven engraving

Had the day off work so went into town and visited Kerr Engravers, and showed him a printout of the script we wanted on the rings to ask if he could do it. Yes i can do that, he told us. No problem at all that we wanted it on the outside of the rings, or that we are getting rings with a satin finish, and no minimum width - he can engrave on any width. He said to make sure the ring is only a half round, which is a flatter surface so gives him more room to engrave. The impression i got from him was that he's done all of this before which gives me much more confidence in his abilities than the previous engraver we asked.

He had a display cabinet in his workshop, i got the chance to have a quick look at it before he came out to help us, and his work looks really nice - not the usual sort of key-cutter/shoe repairer engraving, like the woman we'd spoken to, but proper 'arty' engraving :)

He gave me an indication of the price too, $120 for two rings, which is within the range i thought it would be (i thought anything up to $300 from searching Google, and we still had to buy the rings on top of that!) so happy with that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dress design finalised take 2

I had ruched up one side of my dress according to my design, but it just didn't sit right with the material. It looked to me like an afterthought rather than a design feature. So i looked around on Google Images and found the Maggie Sottero Fiorenza dress, and one that i'd describe as a pineapple dress, and another MS dress, Dallas.

I took all the ruching out and then ruched it asymmetrically - ruching up the left side of the dress as you look at it and leaving the right front plain, then the back i gathered at a few points with the last ending on the floor at the train. Here's the pics; it's a bit hard to tell with the stripy material but it's clearer when you're looking at it in person.

I want to drop the waist a little, so it's corsetted down almost to my hips, then adjust the hem so it's not so long on the sides, and then i'll be ready to buy the material.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding an engraver is harder than i thought

We went back to the shop which Rob bought my engagement ring from to have a look at their wedding rings and enquire about engraving. The assistant, who was very helpful, took the ring Rob was looking at down to the cobbler where they get them engraved and we asked if she was able to engrave on the outside in Lord of the Rings style. 

First she tried telling us that rings couldn't be engraved on the outside because engravers couldn't clamp them without scratching them. She wouldn't answer my question about how wide a ring would need to be, just repeated that they couldn't be engraved on the outside. After a few more questions she changed her tune and said that engraving on the outside would ruin the look of the ring because it would get scratched and the engraving would wear away when we got it repolished. Finally she admitted that she wouldn't be confident engraving in that style and on the outside. Eventually we got the name of a colleague who she thought might be able to do what we wanted. He's in a shopping centre close to me so we'll go ask him next time we're there. 

I also rang the jeweller i knew of whose website said they did hand engraving. The girl who answered said they only did machine engraving there but gave me the number of the specialist engraver who they take their jewellery to, and she was quite confident he'd be able to do it. I tried calling twice but got no answer and no voicemail, but we'll just try heading in to his shop next week, taking a copy of the script with us. I'm more hopeful with this shop, as the ad says they engrave crests, monograms and cyphers :)

Passport photos accepted

Yay. The lady who did my interview held the clear marked size guide over the photos i took and to me they looked like they fit, but she did take them out the back, i guess to get a second opinion. After a few minutes though she came back and said they were fine. She also looked at my face and then wrote down on the form that i had freckles and that the photo was a true representation - in case they thought the photo had spots on it, i guess! It'll be posted to me within 2 or 3 weeks.

After we get married, i can get my name changed on the passport without having to pay a fee, so long as i apply within 12 months of the wedding, which is a real bonus.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Passport renewal

My current passport expired recently so i've booked an appointment on Thursday to get the forms checked and sent off at the local post office. There's strict requirements now for the photo because they're biometric passports, so no smiling, size and dimension requirements etc. I'm planning to take it at home and ensure it fits to the template before taking them in to the appointment. Luckily it's just a renewal so i don't need to get it signed by anyone stating that it is a photo of me, just need to write my name on the back of one of them.

Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and i don't have to retake the photos/redo the form etc.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Elven ring engraving

Rob and i have just about finalised the inscription we want engraved on our wedding rings. We both love the Lord of the Rings movies (and i've managed to make my way through the book, far more easily that when i first attempted The Hobbit at around 8 years old and gave up very quickly) and find the elven script Tengwar beautiful.

Instead of getting just the date or our names engraved on the inside of the rings, we thought why not make a feature of it and get a phrase engraved in the Tengwar on the outside of the ring. I've gone through a few attempted translations of short phrases into Quenya, with a lot of help from googling other people's translations on various forums, and we both like Two hearts, two minds, one love.

Translated into Quenya (as best as i can) this is Atta endar, atta indor, minë melmë, and then transcribed into the Tengwar Annatar font, it looks like this:

I think that'll fit well on our rings. Now to find an engraver in Perth who can take on a non-latin character script :)