Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elven engraving

Had the day off work so went into town and visited Kerr Engravers, and showed him a printout of the script we wanted on the rings to ask if he could do it. Yes i can do that, he told us. No problem at all that we wanted it on the outside of the rings, or that we are getting rings with a satin finish, and no minimum width - he can engrave on any width. He said to make sure the ring is only a half round, which is a flatter surface so gives him more room to engrave. The impression i got from him was that he's done all of this before which gives me much more confidence in his abilities than the previous engraver we asked.

He had a display cabinet in his workshop, i got the chance to have a quick look at it before he came out to help us, and his work looks really nice - not the usual sort of key-cutter/shoe repairer engraving, like the woman we'd spoken to, but proper 'arty' engraving :)

He gave me an indication of the price too, $120 for two rings, which is within the range i thought it would be (i thought anything up to $300 from searching Google, and we still had to buy the rings on top of that!) so happy with that.

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