Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding an engraver is harder than i thought

We went back to the shop which Rob bought my engagement ring from to have a look at their wedding rings and enquire about engraving. The assistant, who was very helpful, took the ring Rob was looking at down to the cobbler where they get them engraved and we asked if she was able to engrave on the outside in Lord of the Rings style. 

First she tried telling us that rings couldn't be engraved on the outside because engravers couldn't clamp them without scratching them. She wouldn't answer my question about how wide a ring would need to be, just repeated that they couldn't be engraved on the outside. After a few more questions she changed her tune and said that engraving on the outside would ruin the look of the ring because it would get scratched and the engraving would wear away when we got it repolished. Finally she admitted that she wouldn't be confident engraving in that style and on the outside. Eventually we got the name of a colleague who she thought might be able to do what we wanted. He's in a shopping centre close to me so we'll go ask him next time we're there. 

I also rang the jeweller i knew of whose website said they did hand engraving. The girl who answered said they only did machine engraving there but gave me the number of the specialist engraver who they take their jewellery to, and she was quite confident he'd be able to do it. I tried calling twice but got no answer and no voicemail, but we'll just try heading in to his shop next week, taking a copy of the script with us. I'm more hopeful with this shop, as the ad says they engrave crests, monograms and cyphers :)

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