Saturday, July 4, 2009

Elven ring engraving

Rob and i have just about finalised the inscription we want engraved on our wedding rings. We both love the Lord of the Rings movies (and i've managed to make my way through the book, far more easily that when i first attempted The Hobbit at around 8 years old and gave up very quickly) and find the elven script Tengwar beautiful.

Instead of getting just the date or our names engraved on the inside of the rings, we thought why not make a feature of it and get a phrase engraved in the Tengwar on the outside of the ring. I've gone through a few attempted translations of short phrases into Quenya, with a lot of help from googling other people's translations on various forums, and we both like Two hearts, two minds, one love.

Translated into Quenya (as best as i can) this is Atta endar, atta indor, minë melmë, and then transcribed into the Tengwar Annatar font, it looks like this:

I think that'll fit well on our rings. Now to find an engraver in Perth who can take on a non-latin character script :)

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