Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fabric flowers are finished :)

I've been sick with a bad cold this week so haven't done much at all on my dress, but i could manage a few flowers each night. Today i was feeling a bit better so finished off the flowers and sewed them into the tucks on the dress.

You can see the two leftmost roses are made from the satin side of the fabric and the right rose is the shantung side. Gives a bit of interest having the two different sheens in the same colour.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fabric roses

I've made 10 fabric flowers so far. Only another 18 to go... i miscounted the first time and thought there were 25 altogether. I'm getting faster at making them with practice.
Once they're ready i'll sew the gathers into the dress. I've pinned them already and carefully tried the dress on to make sure i hadn't lifted it off the ground with the gathering. Then i can sew the roses at the base to stop them from unravelling and sew them into the dress.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Corset lacing

I'm going to have to buy ribbon to lace my corset top with. I made the thinnest tube possible that i could turn inside out, which is 1.5cm, but as you can see below it's just too wide for my bridal loops which are 1cm apart. I had hoped i could made the ties out of the dress material so it matched perfectly, but i'm going to have to just hope there's a colour match in the ribbon section of Spotlight.

DIY bridal bouquet

I've had a practice for my bridal (and bridesmaid) bouquets, using this page as a guide. I used very open roses that i'd picked a week ago, left without water for a few hours, put in a hot car,  and then stored in a glass of water in the fridge, trying to create a similar scenario to what will happen in Rome (minus the hot car - that wasn't intentional!). The fridge has really slowed down the aging process, with the roses having opened only slightly more after they were stored there. I'm very confident now that buying them two days before and making the bouquets the day before will turn out beautifully.

Dress in construction

Rob's away this weekend so i've taken the opportunity to start putting my dress together. It's been going a lot faster than i expected, with only a few minor mishaps, mostly involving the iron melting my lining! it tends to be a bit temperamental even on the delicate setting.

The dress is now sewn together, lining and fabric but minus the stay. I've sewed the boning into the lining and have attached the bridal loops. it's looking much more like a wedding dress now :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lining cut out

Finished cutting out all the pieces of the lining and stay last night and before work this morning. They're all marked with washable pen and ready to start the sewing.

Great idea for bombonniere - i found this on the i-do forums. Instead of bombonniere on the tables at the reception, i'm going to buy a small bottle of truffle oil and a bottle of prosecco (or some other Italian sparkling wine) and give those to each of the guests as they arrive in Rome. Then on our return, i'll buy them each a USB thumb drive and put on them some of the photos of us from the wedding, and all of the photos with them, and we'll post that out with their thank you card. I want to give those who make the effort to come to Rome something that we've put effort into, to show our appreciation for them coming all that way for us.

The guests who can make it to our reception in Perth will get the thank you card (and a free dinner!). I am thinking of making the card as a postcard with a few pictures of us from the wedding and a map of Italy (or maybe Europe with all the places we visit on honeymoon) as the background.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fabric cut out

As the title says ;) It's a nice easy fabric to work with, probably easier than slippery bemsilk which i'll attempt tomorrow and Wednesday. 

At this stage i think i've bought too much fabric. I bought what the pattern said, minus 12cm for each piece as it was too long, and plus 2m for the flowers which i haven't cut out yet, but i seem to have heaps left on the bolt. Better too much than too little though.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fabric shopping finally finished!

So pleased that's over. I decided to go to the Midland store first as they'd had more shantung last time. Got a bolt which looked like it had about 15 m left on it and picked up some cotton and bridal loops. The bemsilk lining which was on special was only on the shelf in a few colours. There was one called maize which was a cream that went ok, but not a great match, with my fabric, but there was only a few metres left and they didn't have any stock out the back. So i got my fabric and got into the car to drive to Cannington.

Cannington was packed and had 4 or 5 bolts of my fabric. It also had several bolts of 'bridal ivory' bemsilk lining, so i lined up for half an hour and got my lining, and that was finally all the fabric shopping done.

Fabric flowers!

Man this was difficult to make. I had some good instructions from Lincraft but couldn't figure out how to do the 'turn and roll' part and not end up with a tight bud, and only managed to work it out with the help of this Youtube video, where the girl was making a rose from a paper streamer. Once i watched that i gave it another go and this was the result. 

It's made from a 10cm strip of my dress material. Gives quite a big rose (9cm diameter), so i think for the other roses i'll have mostly 8cm strip ones with a few larger and smaller ones interspersed. That one cost $1.10 to make, and i need 25 of them. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Had enough of fabric shopping

Tried calling the Subiaco Fabric and Embroidery shop but the phone number showed up as vacant. They were in the Yellow Pages, so at some point this year had put in the advert, so my workmate offered to call a shop she knew in the same complex to see if they knew what had happened to the fabric shop. Turns out the fabric shop closed and moved down south. Perth really has hardly any range of material shops left, that are easy to get to anyway! I know of another one in Balcatta but it's apparently pricey and too long a drive to get out there.

So i made my way out to the Innaloo branch of Spotlight to see if they had any other colours of Shantung, as they're a 'megastore'. It didn't have anything that the other two stores had, and not more than a few metres left on the bolt. Mum popped by the Midland branch after work and had a look at the material and liked it :)

I've had enough searching. Next time i go to the shops it'll be to buy the material, and then no more running round for quite a while!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More fabric searching

Before work this morning i went to Homecraft Textiles in Vic Park to see if they had any oyster shantungs. They must have only just opened shop as there were no lights on but the door was open, and it's a really dark shop so i could only see the first few rows of fabrics near the door. They turned the lights on before i went to ask so i could see the rest of the shop. It's a higgledy piggledy kind of shop so you need to search for what you're after, but they've got a huge range at very good prices. Unfortunately not a satin backed shantung in oyster though. Will try Subi's fabric shop tomorrow.

Found on the Spotlight website that their sale this week includes the shantung i'd got the sample of on Saturday! $2 p/m off, which saves me $24 if i end up buying from them, nothing to sneeze at :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Satin? Shantung? Deciding on the wedding dress fabric

I spent a few hours in Spotlight and Textile Traders, trying to find a material that was suited to the style of my wedding dres, was also a colour i liked, and was within my budget. Phew! I ended up visiting two Textile Traders and two Spotlights in different suburbs. Textile Traders had nothing suitable and both the Spotlights had three different materials i was looking at closely. 

Ended up calling mum for her opinion on a beautiful soft delustered satin described as champagne. it was $15 p/m but i was concerned that it was too soft to hold the gathers in the skirt. Mum couldn't say for sure without seeing it but she suggested that it would need to be quite a stiff or strong fabric to hold up to the boning in the corset, which i hadn't really taken into account. It was down then to a stiffer delustered satin in mushroom, which was a little too dark in colour and way over my budget ($25 p/m on special). I am looking for an off-white in oyster as my ideal, and this was just a little bit too purple. The remaining one was a satin backed shantung in ivory, i would have called it cream. It was $11 p/m and stiff enough to hold up to boning. It's a nice textured fabric too, it's got a sheen to it but also some thicker threads throughout giving it a nubby appearance.

I bought a sample of the shantung home. The photo of it below (ignore my usb cable on it) shows it as whiter than it appears, it's more cream in daylight, but it does show the texture. Next i'll visit the few individual fabric shops i've found around Perth to see if any of them have a similar fabric for a good price in an oyster colour, otherwise i'll probably make my dress in this one.