Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fabric shopping finally finished!

So pleased that's over. I decided to go to the Midland store first as they'd had more shantung last time. Got a bolt which looked like it had about 15 m left on it and picked up some cotton and bridal loops. The bemsilk lining which was on special was only on the shelf in a few colours. There was one called maize which was a cream that went ok, but not a great match, with my fabric, but there was only a few metres left and they didn't have any stock out the back. So i got my fabric and got into the car to drive to Cannington.

Cannington was packed and had 4 or 5 bolts of my fabric. It also had several bolts of 'bridal ivory' bemsilk lining, so i lined up for half an hour and got my lining, and that was finally all the fabric shopping done.

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