Thursday, August 6, 2009

Had enough of fabric shopping

Tried calling the Subiaco Fabric and Embroidery shop but the phone number showed up as vacant. They were in the Yellow Pages, so at some point this year had put in the advert, so my workmate offered to call a shop she knew in the same complex to see if they knew what had happened to the fabric shop. Turns out the fabric shop closed and moved down south. Perth really has hardly any range of material shops left, that are easy to get to anyway! I know of another one in Balcatta but it's apparently pricey and too long a drive to get out there.

So i made my way out to the Innaloo branch of Spotlight to see if they had any other colours of Shantung, as they're a 'megastore'. It didn't have anything that the other two stores had, and not more than a few metres left on the bolt. Mum popped by the Midland branch after work and had a look at the material and liked it :)

I've had enough searching. Next time i go to the shops it'll be to buy the material, and then no more running round for quite a while!

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