Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lining cut out

Finished cutting out all the pieces of the lining and stay last night and before work this morning. They're all marked with washable pen and ready to start the sewing.

Great idea for bombonniere - i found this on the i-do forums. Instead of bombonniere on the tables at the reception, i'm going to buy a small bottle of truffle oil and a bottle of prosecco (or some other Italian sparkling wine) and give those to each of the guests as they arrive in Rome. Then on our return, i'll buy them each a USB thumb drive and put on them some of the photos of us from the wedding, and all of the photos with them, and we'll post that out with their thank you card. I want to give those who make the effort to come to Rome something that we've put effort into, to show our appreciation for them coming all that way for us.

The guests who can make it to our reception in Perth will get the thank you card (and a free dinner!). I am thinking of making the card as a postcard with a few pictures of us from the wedding and a map of Italy (or maybe Europe with all the places we visit on honeymoon) as the background.

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