Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More fabric searching

Before work this morning i went to Homecraft Textiles in Vic Park to see if they had any oyster shantungs. They must have only just opened shop as there were no lights on but the door was open, and it's a really dark shop so i could only see the first few rows of fabrics near the door. They turned the lights on before i went to ask so i could see the rest of the shop. It's a higgledy piggledy kind of shop so you need to search for what you're after, but they've got a huge range at very good prices. Unfortunately not a satin backed shantung in oyster though. Will try Subi's fabric shop tomorrow.

Found on the Spotlight website that their sale this week includes the shantung i'd got the sample of on Saturday! $2 p/m off, which saves me $24 if i end up buying from them, nothing to sneeze at :)

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