Saturday, August 1, 2009

Satin? Shantung? Deciding on the wedding dress fabric

I spent a few hours in Spotlight and Textile Traders, trying to find a material that was suited to the style of my wedding dres, was also a colour i liked, and was within my budget. Phew! I ended up visiting two Textile Traders and two Spotlights in different suburbs. Textile Traders had nothing suitable and both the Spotlights had three different materials i was looking at closely. 

Ended up calling mum for her opinion on a beautiful soft delustered satin described as champagne. it was $15 p/m but i was concerned that it was too soft to hold the gathers in the skirt. Mum couldn't say for sure without seeing it but she suggested that it would need to be quite a stiff or strong fabric to hold up to the boning in the corset, which i hadn't really taken into account. It was down then to a stiffer delustered satin in mushroom, which was a little too dark in colour and way over my budget ($25 p/m on special). I am looking for an off-white in oyster as my ideal, and this was just a little bit too purple. The remaining one was a satin backed shantung in ivory, i would have called it cream. It was $11 p/m and stiff enough to hold up to boning. It's a nice textured fabric too, it's got a sheen to it but also some thicker threads throughout giving it a nubby appearance.

I bought a sample of the shantung home. The photo of it below (ignore my usb cable on it) shows it as whiter than it appears, it's more cream in daylight, but it does show the texture. Next i'll visit the few individual fabric shops i've found around Perth to see if any of them have a similar fabric for a good price in an oyster colour, otherwise i'll probably make my dress in this one.

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