Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding dress alterations

I've managed to drop the waist now on the corset part of the dress. Not sure if it's the way a dressmaker would do it, but i carefully pinned the corset on to my tshirt (which i was wearing) after unpicking it from the skirt, and then wrapped several strips of muslin round my hips where the corset ends, and pinned them to the corset and each other. I unpinned the corset from my tshirt and laid it flat on the ground to trim the bottom into a straight line across.

So that was the corset waist dropped, but now i had to create a pattern from it. I laid each pattern piece over the corset in turn, taped another piece of tracing paper to the bottom of the pattern, and followed the curve of the pattern piece onto the new tracing paper and then trimmed along the lines.

The new lowered corset allows me to have the skirt waist straight, rather than cutting a curve out of it to sew it to the corset. 

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