Monday, September 7, 2009

Clutch purse pattern

Before dinner tonight i sewed a simple clutch purse to go with my dress. It took only a couple of hours.

To make the pattern, i took a scrap of paper and cut out of it a rectangle, 10.5x6cm, and rounded off one of the ends to made a semicircle 2cm from the bottom. This makes the sides. For the main body of the purse i used a full sheet of A4 paper.

I cut out two of the side pattern pieces and one of the body in the heaviest fusible interfacing i could find, which was marked 1600 and i estimated it to be a medium weight. Placed these fusible side down on the right side of my fabric (as i wanted the satin side to show rather than the shantung) and ironed them on, then trimmed around the edges. As it was only a medium weight interfacing and i wanted the purse to be able to stand up on it's own, i also cut another body piece of interfacing and ironed this to the lining fabric. Then i cut out two side pieces of the lining.

Sewing the curves was the trickiest bit. I pinned the two side pieces to the top of the body, with the long sides meeting. Sewed straight down until i got to the curve (using a 1cm seam allowance) and then used the side piece to pivot round the body, sewing one stitch at a time with the needle down so i could lift the presser foot to curve the side piece. You end up with a 3D J shape. I clipped the curves and trimmed the seams, then turned the lining shape right side out and placed it inside the fabric shape. Then i sewed all around the edges, leaving one edge raw so that i could turn the purse right side out.

With the purse now right side out i folded the raw edge of the lining and fabric in, and sewed a topstitch right around the purse. Ironed it so that the wrinkles from being turned inside out were gone, and measured for the magnetic clasp. At this stage i realised i should have put the clasp on before i'd joined the seam for the closure flap so that i could put the clasp through the lining layer only - oops. I've lost my stitch ripper though so nothing to be done except put the clasp through both layers. So, in the photo below it's visible. I'll cover it up with a brooch or crystals, or a rose. Haven't decided yet.

Pics below of the purse from the outside, and inside showing the lining (no flash so the detail is better). Costing: about $3!


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