Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help with lacing and photos

My lovely flatmate offered to help me take another lot of photos of my dress for the competition, after i showed her my first attempt at lacing by myself. It took her about 20-30 mins to lace up the back (something to factor in for the wedding day) and the photos turned out a lot better as she was able to arrange my train for me. So now my competition entry is in the post :)

I'm not entirely happy with the top of the dress though. I think that the pattern is made for a girl with, er, bigger assets than me! It fits but isn't quite stiff enough and so wrinkles at the sides, like so:

I hope that adding some bra pads into the dress will fix that, by filling out the bust area of the dress and also by providing more stiffness to that part of the material. I'll test it out by getting some and tacking them onto the inside, and if it works i'll open up the lining and put them in properly. Although, i think i may have to do that anyway as the lining contains the boning so i don't know that the padding will have much effect, being on the inside of the boning.

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