Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hem finished!

Finished handstitching the hem this afternoon and ironed it flat. Then with a few hours left of daylight i had to put the dress on to take a few photos for the competition.

I had thought the hemming was tricky. Has anyone else tried to lace up a corset backed dress on themselves? It's not fun, i can tell you! I managed - took me the better part of an hour and the ribbon was twisted instead of being flat but the dress was on and staying up :) I took the camera outside to take the photos against my dark blue fence as the background, but the only thing nearby to act as a tripod was the BBQ. So i dragged it away from the fence and threw my dress mockup over it to protect the camera from grease/dirt and set up the shot. Then i looked down.

I was leaning against the dusty slightly greasy edge of the BBQ. There was now black dirt striped across my skirt. Dammit!

I brushed most of the dirt off so there was only a bit remaining and started the timer on the camera. Most of the shots i cut off the end of my skirt so it took a bit of fiddling round but i got some very amateur shots showing the whole dress... hey it's a dressmaking competition not a photography comp so it's all good!

I thought taking the dress off would be just as bad but it was much easier to pull the ribbon out than thread it in. One of the top loops gave way though; something to fix another time. After an entire weekend working to finish the hem i've had enough for a while.

Tomorrow i'll print out the photos and mail the entry, then i'll take a rest from sewing. Will probably start again when i get some inspiration for the beading to go on it.

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