Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hemming a wedding dress by yourself - Part 2

Ow. The balls of my feet are killing. How am i going to walk in my high heels for a whole day? I am going to go with my idea of having crystalled Havaianas for when i get too tired.

I think a lot of it was caused by my weight being mostly on the front on my feet as i stood, checked, bent down and repinned what seemed like a few hundred times. Took me an hour to adjust the hem with the horsehair in it. I'm fairly sure i've got it to a reasonably even hem about an inch above the ground now.

Next step now is to repin so i can remove the horsehair and press the hem flat with the iron, before following the instructions for the hem. Then i'll see if the stay needs to be rehemmed higher and tack it to the bottom of the lining along the seams. This will take a few hours. I hope to have it finished by tonight, as i want to take some photos of it for Spotlight's formal dress competition which closes next Sunday. I've got no idea of how i'm going to get the back laced though.

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