Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hemming a wedding dress by yourself... very difficult. It's heavier than it looks, you're in heels and basically doing squats each time you adjust a pin. On the upside, no need for the gym!

Hemming this dress is difficult; because of the bustle and the gathers in the skirt, the fabric flicks out in some places and under in others, and it's hard to tell where the pin should be for floor level. I think this will work to my advantage though by the same method - people won't be able to see if i've got it slightly uneven because of the sculpting of the dress.

I've put the pins in and taken the dress off. I'll pin the horsehair around the hem, pin up all the excess hem fabric and put the dress on again to check before i start cutting. I can't do up the lace up back by myself and my flatmates are out, so the dress is being held up by a belt around my ribs. Very professional ;)

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