Friday, September 4, 2009

Horsehair braid and ribbon and shoes! Oh my...

Yesterday was late night shopping so i made the trek out to Spotlight to get the last items for my dress, but forgot my shopping list so went from memory. I remembered the ribbon for the corset back, the horsehair braid for the hem (gives it a bit more stiffness to stand out and away from the bottom of my tulle petticoat), the interfacing and magnetic clasp to make my clutch purse, and even remembered to get some ripstop nylon to make a water-resistant (ie spill resistant) dress bag so i can carry my dress on the plane and not worry about it getting stained.

Forgot: a zip for the dress bag, and the florists tape. Still i think i did pretty well remembering the rest! I'll ask Rob to pop by as he works close to Spotlight.

Then i went by Kmart to grab those shoes i'd seen for $25. At this point i was still in two minds about whether i should get these cheap ivory shoes, or go for a more expensive silver shoe that i could wear again. The Kmart shoes were comfortable and looked nice, but was it really worth it to buy a shoe that would probably only be worn twice (Rome and Perth) and then have to be stored away as i don't generally have white/ivory evening dresses? $25 is cheap, but...?

Kmart decided for me. The sale had ended so they were back to $40 (still cheap) and the only pair in my size were the display pair and had no box and were slightly grubby. There is no rush to get the shoes so i put them back and thought i'd wander around the other shoe shops to see if there was anything in silver - last time i'd looked at the shops i was focussing on ivory only and didn't notice anything else. Betts had several gorgeous silver pairs so i tried them all on, nearly fell off one with a very high heel, and found a pair i really liked. Waaay over my budget ($120) but if i'm able to wear them again then i can take the item off my wedding budget completely (reasoning is that it's not specifically just for the wedding).
So many things accomplished in one night :) i was quite pleased. However i've given myself a new task. In the shop i tried on only one shoe and walked around with it and my other foot in my flat boots on tiptoe. Walking was no problem, actually i asked the helpful sales girl what height the heels were, guessing them to be around 6-7cm. She measured and told me 10cm. I was very surprised that i could walk in them but thought that to be a good thing. When i got home and put both shoes on i did my usual high heels wobbly ankle walk complete with my heels slipping out of the shoes occasionally! I'm only used to sub-6cm heels and will have to do a fair bit of practice in these before next year. A friend recommended cleaning the house while wearing them, i think that's a great idea!!

One more item that may cut down on the ever expanding costings - my bridesmaid's dress. We were looking at dresses online one night and really couldn't find anything we liked in the right colour at a decent price. Chantelle was happy to pay for a dress but as i'm dictating the colour i didn't want her to have to pay too much. Suddenly i thought of a dress i bought in Canberra last year which i wore to a graduation dinner - it's a red satin cocktail dress, 3/4 length and strapless and has a black tulle overlay. Chantelle's around the same size as me so i suggested that to her. She'll try it on at Xmas when she's back in Perth, hopefully will fit her and she'll like it enough to wear it on the day :)

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