Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding dress alterations - bra pads

I opened out the lining at the waist and slipped the bra pads in and pinned them into place. Tried the dress on and it looks a tonne better. The wrinkling under the arms is almost gone and the wrinkling down the front is greatly reduced. I suspect when i sew the pads in through the lining and then put tiny stitches along the seam lines on the fabric to pull the boning into it's proper position the wrinkles will completely disappear :)

I took the pads out and trimmed the top to make them a bit straighter (ie rather than curved) so they'd fit closer to the shape at the top of the corset and popped them back in. The lining is getting rather frayed so i don't want to push my hand through it again. Fingers crossed the tacking and then sewing goes well so i don't have to.

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