Sunday, October 25, 2009

DIY clutch purse finished

I finally got around to making a rose to sew onto my clutch purse. Here 'tis :)

Success with the corset lacing at last

Yup. Happy with this now, it looks professional (even if i do say so myself) :) It looks so much better than my previous attempt.

I sewed a 4cm tube, so when ironed it became a 2cm ribbon, and fits really nicely in the 1" wide loops of the corset. I almost got away with just one ribbon as it laced all the way down the loops, but only leaves a few inches at the ends to tie it. If i try to tie them in a knot i can see it coming undone very easily. Easy fixed though - another 6-8 inches on each end should leave heaps of room to be able to tie a floppy bow and tuck all the ends into the skirt, through the space at the bottom of the lacing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ways to cut down on costs

I've been trying hard to think of ways to cut down on the costs for the wedding. I really wanted to keep it under $10k, but just the photographer and wedding planner together add up to nearly that, and both are necessary - the planner as we can't organise it from here and don't speak Italian to be able to book a celebrant etc, and the photographer as that is our main reason for getting married in Rome; the fantastic photos that we'll get amongst all the beautiful old stone buildings and narrow cobblestoned alleys.

So now my goal is just to keep the costs as low as possible, without having a set amount, although maybe $15k would be a good limit to aim for. I got a Frequent Flyer letter in the mail and that made me think of checking my points - i have almost enough points for one way to London! It'll be another 2 months before i have enough points. Rob has more points than me so we may be able to reduce our flights, or even book them entirely on points! I know from experience though that seats are limited, so we'll need to look into that asap. The flights are in the Honeymoon section of my budget, but reducing that still helps with the total cost. I still need to think of ways to reduce the Wedding budget itself though.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Modesty panel

My modesty panel is now pinned into place along one side of my dress, ready to be handsewn next time the boy is out. It was pretty easy - just had to come up with a width measurement at the top of the corset, and then measure the length required to cover the opening and then cut a triangle of fabric and lining to those measurements. I ended up with a 19cm x 50cm x 7cm quadrilateral (a triangle with the tip cut off) with boning down the right hand side. The left hand side is pinned just inside the last piece of boning on the left back of the corset, so that when the dress is on, the boned side of the modesty panel will fit next to the last piece of boning on the right back of the corset (to avoid having two pieces of boning sitting on top of each other - ouch!).

Here's a very cropped pic - i can't show any more in case Rob sees it ;)

Decided on crystals for my dress

I wasn't sure about the crystal drops hanging from the flowers so i asked a workmate's advice. She also thought it looked a little odd and we had a look at some other ideas, but in the end decided to go with a few of the crystals sewn into in random roses, next to the pearl, for a bit of added sparkle that doesn't look like an afterthought. With the extra crystals that i now have, i'll slip a dozen over fringe pins to make hair jewels, and the rest can be used in my diy jewellery.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crystals and beading with fabric roses

I've strung some beads onto thread and held them in place under one of the roses on my dress, ending each thread with a crystal. This is what i'm thinking of doing over the whole dress. I'm not entirely sure yet, want to get some opinions first.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bombonniere - strawberries and truffles

I saw these glittery chocolate strawberries when searching for bonbonniere ideas and just love them, they're gorgeous little sparkly edible works of art! I'm going to attempt to make them for the Perth reception, and pop one in a little cellophane bag with an Oreo truffle (glitter covered also!) to give to each guest.

My friend's little girl turned one last month and she made her a cake with edible glitter. I'd never heard of such a thing before, but she told me where it's available to buy and when i mentioned it to my workmates, one of them emailed me a website which sold a brand with all different colours - pretty much every colour that regular glitter comes in. I really wanted an excuse to use it, so here it is!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pearls in roses

I've finished sewing a pearl to the centre of each fabric rose. My index fingers are sore now from pulling the needle through each pearl - all 28 of them! I've also finished the hem... it's definitely not a bubble hem as there's only at most a centimetre of overlap, but it's much less structured than before (ie it's no longer attached to the horsehair so it's not as flat as before) which is what i was after, so i'm happy with that.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pearls and crystals for my dress

Went to Benjamin's Crafts this morning and bought the beads for my dress. I decided on one 6mm Swarovski Cream Rose Light pearl in the centre of each rose, and two bead and crystal drops from below each rose, which are made up of #10 seed beads in Clear and Clear AB, finished with a 6mm Swarovski Bicone Pendant in Clear or Clear AB. I realised when i got home that i'd bought twice as many pearls as i needed, but i'll use those in my jewellery.

I'll start constructing those tomorrow. It should go fairly fast as it's a job i can do while Rob's there, until the point when i need to attach them to the dress.

Finished the decorative sewing along the corset loops and handsewed the bodice lining back to the skirt. I've sewed the horsehair braid back onto the lining, have zigzag stitched the bottom of the skirt to prevent fraying and yesterday i started pinning the skirt to the lining ready to straight stitch it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One year to go

Today is one year to go until our wedding!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bridal corset loops sewn in

They went in pretty easily. There's some places where the ribbon is showing through, so i'll tuck it back and sew to the lining, before i run the line of decorative stitching along the other side of the boning.

I've also unpicked all the hem. I was a little sad about that as it took me so long to do, but i'm not happy with the hem as it is. I want to make it less of a straight hem and more tucked under - a bubble hem, if you will, but a small one. I'll sew the horsehair into the lining, using the same fold lines as previously, but i'll zigzag the edges of the outside fabric and then sew it onto the lining with just one fold. This will make the fabric about an inch longer than the lining which should allow it to bubble out just a little, like the Maggie Sottero dress Dallas Marie below.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hand made bridal corset loops

I cut a 2cm wide strip of tracing paper and drew a line lengthways down the middle, then marking notches an inch apart. I laid this strip of paper over a piece of the ribbon i was using to tie the corset, then got the braid and pinned it to the first notch, leaving a bit loose to sew in to prevent it pulling out accidentally when it's in the dress. I had to wrap stickytape round the ends as it frays so quickly.

Then i made loops, 1cm high and 1" long, and pinned them to the ribbon and paper. This was quite fiddly, the sewing itself not so bad!

Next i have to make a second one, then i'll peel the tracing paper away and it's time to sew it into the dress.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

More shopping for dress bits

Made the trek out to Spotlight this morning and picked up 2 metres of braid to use as the corset loops, as i couldn't find any satin rat-tail cord. It's a fairly close match with the colour of my fabric. Also remembered to get some floral tape, and some wire as well on Rob's recommendation. I'll have to pick some roses from my garden when they bloom, to practice the wiring.

On the way back we went to stop at The Bead Co in Belmont, but discovered the owners have closed that shop and it's now only open in Osborne Park. The new shop is a bridal shop, has champagne flutes and paper (pity i've already bought all ours or i'd have had a look), and the owner said she's had lots of people enquire about the previous shop before she moved in, so she's actually got business cards there for the Bead Co to give out - very kind of her. But it meant i wasn't able to ask anyone what kind of glue to use to attach Swarovski crystals to Havaianas.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Redoing the corset loops

As i wrote previously, i'm not entirely happy with the corset loops on the bodice - they're intended for buttons and are elastic. When the ribbon goes through them, the elastic stretches but at a different amount each loop, so the laces appear to be uneven all the way down.

I've looked more closely at pictures of corset lacing on the web and i think what i need to do is buy something called upholstery cord, or rat-tail, which is a satiny cord. I'll then have to loop this and sew together so i get loops 2.5cm long and 1cm deep, right next to each other. Then i'll have to pull my dress apart again, take out the elastic loops and insert my new loops. This was tricky enough the first time, trying to get the positioning right so the loops went through evenly with the boning making it awkward to sew, and i hope there's no fraying lining to contend with.

This will allow me to use the dress fabric to lace instead of the ribbon - previously i was trying to sew a 1cm wide tube which was impossible to turn inside out, but 1 inch should be easy. The ribbon i bought i can use on the invites.

Damn this being a perfectionist :)