Monday, October 5, 2009

Bridal corset loops sewn in

They went in pretty easily. There's some places where the ribbon is showing through, so i'll tuck it back and sew to the lining, before i run the line of decorative stitching along the other side of the boning.

I've also unpicked all the hem. I was a little sad about that as it took me so long to do, but i'm not happy with the hem as it is. I want to make it less of a straight hem and more tucked under - a bubble hem, if you will, but a small one. I'll sew the horsehair into the lining, using the same fold lines as previously, but i'll zigzag the edges of the outside fabric and then sew it onto the lining with just one fold. This will make the fabric about an inch longer than the lining which should allow it to bubble out just a little, like the Maggie Sottero dress Dallas Marie below.

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