Sunday, October 18, 2009

Modesty panel

My modesty panel is now pinned into place along one side of my dress, ready to be handsewn next time the boy is out. It was pretty easy - just had to come up with a width measurement at the top of the corset, and then measure the length required to cover the opening and then cut a triangle of fabric and lining to those measurements. I ended up with a 19cm x 50cm x 7cm quadrilateral (a triangle with the tip cut off) with boning down the right hand side. The left hand side is pinned just inside the last piece of boning on the left back of the corset, so that when the dress is on, the boned side of the modesty panel will fit next to the last piece of boning on the right back of the corset (to avoid having two pieces of boning sitting on top of each other - ouch!).

Here's a very cropped pic - i can't show any more in case Rob sees it ;)

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