Saturday, October 3, 2009

More shopping for dress bits

Made the trek out to Spotlight this morning and picked up 2 metres of braid to use as the corset loops, as i couldn't find any satin rat-tail cord. It's a fairly close match with the colour of my fabric. Also remembered to get some floral tape, and some wire as well on Rob's recommendation. I'll have to pick some roses from my garden when they bloom, to practice the wiring.

On the way back we went to stop at The Bead Co in Belmont, but discovered the owners have closed that shop and it's now only open in Osborne Park. The new shop is a bridal shop, has champagne flutes and paper (pity i've already bought all ours or i'd have had a look), and the owner said she's had lots of people enquire about the previous shop before she moved in, so she's actually got business cards there for the Bead Co to give out - very kind of her. But it meant i wasn't able to ask anyone what kind of glue to use to attach Swarovski crystals to Havaianas.

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