Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pearls and crystals for my dress

Went to Benjamin's Crafts this morning and bought the beads for my dress. I decided on one 6mm Swarovski Cream Rose Light pearl in the centre of each rose, and two bead and crystal drops from below each rose, which are made up of #10 seed beads in Clear and Clear AB, finished with a 6mm Swarovski Bicone Pendant in Clear or Clear AB. I realised when i got home that i'd bought twice as many pearls as i needed, but i'll use those in my jewellery.

I'll start constructing those tomorrow. It should go fairly fast as it's a job i can do while Rob's there, until the point when i need to attach them to the dress.

Finished the decorative sewing along the corset loops and handsewed the bodice lining back to the skirt. I've sewed the horsehair braid back onto the lining, have zigzag stitched the bottom of the skirt to prevent fraying and yesterday i started pinning the skirt to the lining ready to straight stitch it.

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