Thursday, October 1, 2009

Redoing the corset loops

As i wrote previously, i'm not entirely happy with the corset loops on the bodice - they're intended for buttons and are elastic. When the ribbon goes through them, the elastic stretches but at a different amount each loop, so the laces appear to be uneven all the way down.

I've looked more closely at pictures of corset lacing on the web and i think what i need to do is buy something called upholstery cord, or rat-tail, which is a satiny cord. I'll then have to loop this and sew together so i get loops 2.5cm long and 1cm deep, right next to each other. Then i'll have to pull my dress apart again, take out the elastic loops and insert my new loops. This was tricky enough the first time, trying to get the positioning right so the loops went through evenly with the boning making it awkward to sew, and i hope there's no fraying lining to contend with.

This will allow me to use the dress fabric to lace instead of the ribbon - previously i was trying to sew a 1cm wide tube which was impossible to turn inside out, but 1 inch should be easy. The ribbon i bought i can use on the invites.

Damn this being a perfectionist :)

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