Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ways to cut down on costs

I've been trying hard to think of ways to cut down on the costs for the wedding. I really wanted to keep it under $10k, but just the photographer and wedding planner together add up to nearly that, and both are necessary - the planner as we can't organise it from here and don't speak Italian to be able to book a celebrant etc, and the photographer as that is our main reason for getting married in Rome; the fantastic photos that we'll get amongst all the beautiful old stone buildings and narrow cobblestoned alleys.

So now my goal is just to keep the costs as low as possible, without having a set amount, although maybe $15k would be a good limit to aim for. I got a Frequent Flyer letter in the mail and that made me think of checking my points - i have almost enough points for one way to London! It'll be another 2 months before i have enough points. Rob has more points than me so we may be able to reduce our flights, or even book them entirely on points! I know from experience though that seats are limited, so we'll need to look into that asap. The flights are in the Honeymoon section of my budget, but reducing that still helps with the total cost. I still need to think of ways to reduce the Wedding budget itself though.

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