Saturday, November 14, 2009

One way to London!

We've bought our outgoing tickets to London via Rob's Frequent Flyer points. It's becoming rather real now! Very exciting. In about another month's time the flights will be available for our return leg too. We decided to go with the FF points rather than buying a flight over, even though the prices are really low now, purely to keep costs down. We're both struggling a little at the moment. The flight itself is free and we just have to pay the taxes, which look to be $450 each for return :)

I've been doing a little work for our guests (and ourselves) in finding out fun things to do while they're over in the EU/UK. A friend at work mentioned Leeds has an outdoor ice rink around the end of the year... now that's something we just don't have here in Australia (winter in the cities is just too warm for it - they could probably put one near the ski fields but i guess it's not worth the cost, as people would have to travel to it). I looked into it and it turns out the rink doesn't open until after New Years, so no good for most of our guests, but i found there's about 8 rinks in London that open at various times, some in November. Here's a link to a website with all the details. How gorgeous does it look?!

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