Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rethinking Welcome Pack

We were going to do a bottle of bubbly and a bottle of truffle oil, given to each guest on arrival to welcome them to our wedding. I have been rethinking the wine as i mentioned this to a friend who promptly announced she didn't like champagne... which could be the case for some of the others too, i thought, and so we'd have to ask each guest what type (ie bubbly, red or white) and taste (sweet, dry or whatever the medium between the two is called) etc and then try to find unfamiliar Italian wines which matched... eek. So i scrapped that and thought just the truffle oil, plus a map of Rome and Order of the Day.

Now though i've found out that some guests will be heading over early to catch up with friends while others will head over for the wedding then spend time travelling around - and carrying a glass bottle of oil with them from country to may make things difficult for them. So now we'll scrap that idea too.

So what we've got left is a map of Rome, and the Order of the Day. What else can i put in there?

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