Friday, December 4, 2009

DIY bridal jewellery: bracelet

It's more of a bangle than a bracelet. Two loops of memory wire, with a pearl and crystal at each end, rice pearls and crystals making up the bangle to match my lariat.

I used: 9 4mm Swarovski crystals in Clear
64 rice pearls
2 6mm Swarovski crystals in Clear
2 6mm Swarovski pearls in Light Cream Rose
2 loops of memory wire

To prevent the beads slipping off, i tried closing the ends with a crimp, but these were too easy to slip off the wire. I ended up bending the wire then pinching it into a U shape.

That's all my jewellery done, now to keep working on Chantelle's which is proving quite fiddly!

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