Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DIY bridal jewellery: earrings

The first of my three pieces of DIY bridal jewellery has been completed: my earrings. They didn't take long to make; an hour perhaps? The longest part was bending the headpins into a loop at the top.

For each earring, i used five 6mm Swarovski pearls in Light Cream Rose, five 6mm clear Swarovski crystals, ten head pins 19mm long, 20 clear AB size 11/0 seed beads, a 5cm piece of sterling silver heart chain, and an earring hook. The only tool i use for beading is a pair of needle nose pliers, which can bend and cut wire.

First, i placed a seed beed, then either a crystal or pearl, then another seed bead on each headpin. I bent the unbeaded part of each headpin into an unclosed loop, then slipped each of the loops over a chain link and closed them, and attached the chain to the earring hook.

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