Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ring shopping and a change to the Elven engraving

We've changed our minds again :)

We weren't entirely happy with our previous choice of phrase (two hearts, two minds, one love), and so we both kept coming up with minor changes to it which weren't a great deal better. We began then to redo it completely, and thought about what we really wanted to say to each other, and came up with My one, my only, for always. This ends up as quite a short line in Quenya, so i added the wedding date to the end.

In Quenya, numbers are reversed, so a year will number right to left, instead of left to right, as below.
My one, my only, for always. 7 October 2010.
Quénya, ernya, an illumë. 7 Narquelië 0102.
I work out my translations from the English-Quenya wordlist, an rtf document kept on, and then feed the Quenya words into the Online Tengwar Transcriber.

And in the Elvish Tengwar Annatar font, it looks like this:

I was in the city today for lunch and since we'd had no luck at jewellers over the last few weeks trying to find the rings we wanted, i went into a jewellers i know to ask if they could custom make one. I described what i wanted, the guy fired off a few questions then walked over to a display cabinet, took out a ring and said, "Imagine this with a satin finish; is it what you're after?" And it was *exactly* what i was after! It's an amazingly simple ring but we've not been able to find it anywhere at the jewellers in the big shopping centres, and even with their plain polished rounded rings the prices were higher than i thought was reasonable. One shop last night was asking $600 for them - this is 9k white gold, not platinum, and it's mass produced so to my mind should be cheaper than a custom one. The jewellers i visited today however have estimated the price at $300 :)

I'm going in again on the weekend to bring in the script for them to look at and advise on the width of the ring. They send all work to the engraver i have picked out (they're the shop that advised me to go to him) and, as the engraver himself told us, the jeweller said he can engrave on any width, but the script i want may not look right with too narrow a ring, so i'll bring it in so they can suggest a width. I'll also get them to see if i should get my engagement ring taken down a half size (it's a little on the loose side) or just leave as is.

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