Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY parents' album review

Our album arrived Friday :) It took less than a week from submitting our design to us receiving it. We're very happy with the quality, Rob's now talking about getting one made for us; although we've already got prints from the photographer so i'll probably suggest getting a honeymoon album through Albumworks and put our wedding prints in a traditional stiff paged album with mats.

We chose a black faux leather cover over linen, as it's easier to clean, and offers more protection against drinks being spilt etc. It has a nice grain to it, not overly perfect and more like real leather. The cover is heavy weight and it appears that the book is securely bound with glue to a soft cover inside the leather outer cover.

The first and last pages are protected by a plain page between them and the cover. The quality of the printing on each page is more than decent; much better than the quality of digital photos printed at the shopping centre. The paper used has a nice matte sheen to it and feels reasonably thick. It certainly wouldn't accidentally tear easily, i don't think.

These are a random selection of the pages (ok, all the ones that i managed to take a clear shot of!).

Getting ready

The ceremony

Back to the hotel

Off on our photoshoot

St Peter's Square

Spanish Steps

Pre-dinner drinks

Dinner (both the rehearsal and wedding dinners)

I think Mum and Dad will be really pleased with it. We certainly are, i've flicked through it a few times today already.

One thing i would have liked is the option of foil stamping on the cover - i'd have put our names and below that the wedding date. Albumworks offer laser engraving, but there was no font options and no real idea of how the engraving would look, plus it seemed to only let you do one line, so i decided not to add it. Other than that, the whole process of designing and ordering, and the finished album, has been easy and quick and i'd definitely look at getting another album done with them.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fast album printing

They're quick!

I'm quite impressed at the speed, especially at this time of year when i expect a lot of orders go through for xmas presents. I was also impressed that within a day of my blog post reviewing the album design software and uploading, Albumworks had found and commented on my post :)

Looks like i should be expecting the album by the end of the week, ready to photograph and review - exciting!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

DIY parents' photo album

My mum's friend sent her an email months before our wedding, letting mum know that she'd had a magazine-style photo book printed by Albumworks and was really pleased with the quality of the book. We had no other recommendations for Australian photo books and my usual printer, Vistaprint, doesn't do this style of them. They were also very reasonably priced - our other option was an American company, Mpix, which does the more traditional style thick-paged albums - very beautiful but they don't offer the same range of sizes for albums, and the base product has only 10 pages, whereas we had 90-odd photos to place! They offer up to 40 pages, but this then gets quite costly for our meagre budget. It's still a very cheap option as albums go however, so if you're looking for a traditional style DIY album i would recommend you take a look at them. Not sure if they ship to Australia, but most companies do.

As she'd given such a glowing recommendation and the pricing was within our budget for a thank-you gift to my Mum and Dad, we decided to go with Albumworks and chose a hard cover, faux leather bound photo book, in A4 size, portrait orientation. They also offer landscape and square, in A3, A4 and A5.

They have free design software for both Windows and Mac that you use to arrange your photos and upload the finished design to Albumworks. It's very easy to use and offers a range of layouts, masks, frames, and backgrounds that you can use, and the album you choose already has a suggested layout. I changed most of mine to suit which pictures i was using on that particular page, however it was helpful as i spotted a few that i really liked and that got me into using the layouts page more.

I chose portrait as i thought all portrait photos would fit on one page, and landscape would fit across two. I hadn't taken into consideration the binding however - most of my landscape photos had people right in the middle, which meant they couldn't be used across two pages. However i did manage to get a few in! Next time i would probably go for the square style as it offers the best of both worlds, more flexibility in positioning your photos.

Here's a screenshot of the program in use. You can see some of the layouts possible on the samples at the bottom of the page. In my left-hand page, i've used one of the suggested layouts but changed it so instead of 3 square photos at the bottom, i've removed one and stretched the other two to create two landscape photos. The right-hand layout i've created from scratch, adding in a frame and stretching it to landscape, then copying it two more times and arranging them on the page. The red lines you can see in the middle are part of the guides which are around all the pages, to give you an idea of what will be printed and what may be cut off. It's really very easy to use and there's a wizard if you get stuck, and a help page on their site which you can search.

Albumworks allow you to submit your project up until the 16th December while guaranteeing Christmas delivery. They send the album by overnight courier. I just submitted mine yesterday and have traced it as far as Press Preparation (it is a weekend so i don't expect much more than this until Monday). Their service level aims for 7 business days from upload until dispatch, which should give me enough time to review and photograph the finished product before i wrap it up and take it to Mum and Dad's at xmas. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY edible favours

Earlier in the year i decided to make edible bombonniere for the Perth reception, and i did a trial run of the Oreo truffles. The day after our arrival back in Perth i bought all the ingredients and that night Mum and I made truffles and dipped half of them in chocolate (we ran out of chocolate). Think we ended up with about 60 truffles from 3 packets of Oreos.

The morning of the reception we finished dipping the truffles and did the strawberries as well. To get the glitter to stick i'd sprinkle it over the just-finished sweets every so often, probably about 5 min - didn't have a problem with it sticking then, it stuck very well. Then we drizzled white chocolate over the truffles and chilled them all, then bagged them.

Unfortunately we were running short of time and didn't get any photos of the making or of all the truffles together, but i took one of some of the extra ones after the reception.

For 60 truffles and 40 strawberries, i used 3 packets of Oreos, 1 tin of condensed milk, 500g milk chocolate and probably about 100g white chocolate. Oh, and 40 strawberries of course!

Friday, November 26, 2010

DIY wedding invitation photo frame - finished

We've been back in Australia less than a week and went straight back to work, so we've been very busy trying to sort out our gear, catch up on sleep and regular maintenance things like gardening that have been left for two months. Almost rid of the jet-lag now so in between tidying away our travelling gear i've found our OOS, received our thank you cards from Vistaprint, and so have been able to finish my DIY wedding invitation photo frame. I stuck it all on a piece of black card which i'd cut to fit the frame, using double-sided tape, and here it is!

Also added are some autumn leaves, some rose petals (red like my bouquet) and the label from one of the bottles of Prosecco i was drinking on the wedding day.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We're married!

Will put up a proper post once we're back from the honeymoon, but for now i'll say all went well and very smoothly, we had an absolutely amazing day and our guests had an absolute ball (and were very helpful being our 'entourage' and carrying round all our extra gear!). Have seen a few guests' photos and can't wait to see our photographer's. We had a total of six guests (our seventh came down with tonsillitis and fever two days before the wedding and couldn't fly out, but two weeks later is better and we've caught up for a dinner in Berlin :)) and that really was a good amount, any more and we wouldn't have been able to get to all the sites in time for photographs before we lost the light.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

And we're off!

About to leave for the airport, and coming back a married couple :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Music almost done

We had chosen our songs a while ago but only confirmed them on the weekend, changing a few around from our original picks. I've even changed a few this evening while i was transferring them across to my mp3 player. I'm a little worried about my mp3 player actually being able to play the songs at the ceremony; the planner told us we could use an ipod to hook up to the stereo system, but mine is an old Sony Walkman. It only plays ATRAC files (uses software to convert other media formats to ATRAC). While it has a normal audio out jack (ie one for earphones), if they've got an ipod dock attached to the speakers rather than a mini audio plug, we're going to be music-less. We're going to take a cd with us for backup, and i'll probably bring along a usb stick with the songs in mp3 format just in case, and then if necessary can borrow an ipod from a guest. We get to meet with the celebrant the day before the wedding, at the venue, and they've asked us to bring the ipod so we will find out then whether or not mine works. No idea how to transfer the songs across without a computer though...

We decided on the processional song quite a while ago and haven't changed it since. However it is 3:29 long and i've got one bridesmaid and i suspect a short aisle. I didn't know how we were going to work out our timing for the walk down the aisle so that we didn't have half the song still to play when we'd both finished walking and have to fill in time while it finished. Either that or turn the volume down, but that would leave the song sounding unfinished. I wasn't really happy with either option, so instead i opened the song in Audacity and snipped out the last verse of the song, leaving the ending intact and joining it to the second verse. It's now 2:15 and should be much better timed for our walk!

Now i just need to transfer them all across to the mp3 player, my usb stick, and then burn to CD.

So far we have:
Pre-ceremony: Doomsday (Murray Gold)
                        Rose's Theme (Murray Gold)
                        Thank You (Dido)
Processional: Heaven (Candlelight Mix) (DJ Sammy)
Signing: Fall For You (Secondhand Serenade)
Recessional: All I Want Is You (U2)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Order of Service - DIY Booklets

I printed and assembled our DIY Order of Service Booklets today. We're still waiting on the timeline from the wedding planner, hope there's not much deviation from what i've guessed at. We've actually got more time on the roof garden where the ceremony is taking place than i thought we did, but i don't think anyone's going to be cross if my booklet is 15 mins out on our leaving time :)

So here they are! The thank yous are shamelessly stolen from Road to the Aisle (hope you don't mind Heather if you ever come across this blog - as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!). The rest was put together by me after viewing many different programs from various forums.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Honeymoon bookings and final RSVPs

Today was the RSVP day for the three Perth reception invitations we sent out. The invitees had three weeks to respond but as of today we have no replies back - and i'm not going to bother chasing them up! I had enough of doing that that with the Rome & Perth invitations we sent out. So these five people will be marked as a no. Shame, but i think if you're planning to go to an event you'll let the organiser know, so no reply would indicate they're not interested.

I've also been busy getting the transport and accommodation booked. I've done most of the UK bookings but have only just organised my Euro travelcard, so need to wait for that to be activated before booking all the Europe legs. Unfortunately prices have still been going up, so instead of waiting and getting last-minute deals, we've had to pay more for some flights and missed out on some of the cheaper accommodation. However, you win some, you lose some - EasyJet has just announced a 20% off sale so that will save us some of the lost money.

My ring has been remade and I tried it on on Saturday. They hadn't done the bevelled edge so i've asked the jeweller to do that and then send both mine and Rob's to the engraver. They were supposed to be ready Monday but Rob received a message that the engraver was now working half days as he'd had a stroke. Poor guy, we're very lucky that he's still able to work... i am guessing it was a minor stroke and didn't affect his motor control or he wouldn't be able to work at all and his work is amazing. The rings should be available today but i couldn't get in to pick them up so i'll try to head in later this week.

Oh, and there's only a month to go until the wedding day! Squee!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIY personalised lingerie - something blue

Tonight's project was to personalise my 'something blue' - my wedding day underwear :) I chose a pair of boyleg shorts so that i could paint onto the back with some fabric paint. I had decided some time ago to use the words 'Rob's missus' and recently to add the Southern Cross for an Australian touch, but my biggest problem was how to trace the design onto the dark fabric of the underwear.

At first i tried printing it and tracing round the edge of the letters with a Stanley knife, but it was too fiddly. Instead, i looked for the most sheer material i could find in my leftovers from making my dress, which was the tulle from my petticoat, taped it over my printout and traced round it with a felt tip pen, then laid it over my undies and traced over it again with chalk. The chalk went through the holds in the tulle and made a strong outline ready to be copied over again with the fabric paint.

And this is the finished result! Just need to wash it now when the paint is dry to get the chalk marks off.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Engagement ring back from jewellers

Rob and i went in to pick up my engagement ring from the jewellers, hoping that they'd resized it and shaved the bottom of the setting flush with the band. I was apprehensive after last time, but happily they'd got it right and finished it all perfectly :) I got to try it on with my old wedder, which fits flush against it. They look good together.



It still looks just as it did before from the top.

I'm having another wedder made for me, and when it comes back i hope that i get to try it on for size before they send it and Rob's to the engraver. I think i may need to ask for it to be sized half a size up, as it's wider than my engagement ring and i may be more comfortable with it a little looser.

IPL 'during' photos

Unfortunately i didn't think to get a 'before' photo, but i can use my 'after' photo from the Bihaku sessions in Jan this year.

Here's my 'during' photo - this is 16 hours after my first IPL session yesterday. You can see a lot of freckles have darkened, in particular on my cheekbones. I also noticed the difference between the right and left sides of my cheeks - the right being more heavily freckled due to the sun on that side of my face when driving.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First IPL session for freckles

Wow am i glad that's over, i was nervous all day and then when i was having it done it wasn't nearly as bad as i'd been worrying!

On Saturday, i booked an appointment at Skin Deep to have a consultation, and then to go ahead with a session of IPL if the therapist thought my skin would be suitable. I'm a Fitzpatrick skin type II so knew i'd be a good subject for IPL (lighter skins work better with IPL and can also handle stronger peels than dark skins, which have more risk of hyperpigmentation as a result of the treatment) and therefore would very likely be having the treatment today.

I've had IPL before for hair removal, and remembered that at the time i hadn't thought it a particularly comfortable procedure. They describe the feeling as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. It is like this, but if you can imagine feeling the snap just under your skin, you've got it. It's not overly painful, more uncomfortable. It's sharp for a second, then after that just feels like a sunburn for a few hours. My skin was bright pink immediately after, like i'd been exercising hard, but after about half an hour was back to normal colour with darker freckles. Three hours later and my skin just feels a bit tight.

My therapist reminded me that i'm not to exfoliate for a week, and that it will take about five days for the really dark freckles to go. Two weeks will show how much pigmentation this session got rid of. If i want another session, it can't be sooner than a month after this one.

Will take some photos of my skin tomorrow morning and then again in two weeks to show the result.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update on my ring

I went in to the jewellers after work on Monday, but the girl i had spoken to on Sunday wasn't there. I was told i'd get a call when my ring arrived back.

Got a call today, and was told that my wedding ring was being made in the smaller size that i had asked for my engagement ring to be resized to, and if they needed to size it up a little it was easier than sizing it down. Ok, fine by me. She also said they'd send it off to be engraved so i explained that both Rob's and my wedders needed to be engraved both inside and outside, and we wanted the characters to go all the way around the rings. I hope they don't do this before i get to fit it.

I asked when my engagement ring would be ready and she said they wanted to hold onto it so the jeweller could make it flat on one side to fit flush against my wedder. No way, i told her (but more politely)! I explained that all they needed to do was shave the bottom of the fitting on my engagement ring to make it flat, and they didn't need my wedder to do that - and if only one ring was sent to the jeweller he was less likely to get 'confused'. They've made me a little paranoid now. She agreed to that and said in that case my engagement ring would be ready on the weekend and which day did i want to pick it up? :)

Fingers crossed that it's just as i want it when i pick it up...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stuff-up at the jewellers

Went to visit the jeweller today and it didn't go as well as i hoped. I asked the girl if we could get my engagement ring shaved flush, she took it downstairs to the jeweller and came back up saying yes he could do that. I also asked about getting it resized as it's a little too large, but no need to resize the wedder (which they're storing in their safe for me) as the engagement ring will stop it sliding off. She wrote it all down on an envelope with the description of my engagement ring and said it would be two hours.

Two hours later we come back to find the jeweller has polished my engagement ring, but cut a chunk out of and resized my wedder!!! :o My wedder is narrow, about 4mm wide, so it looked really quite strange with a 1mm chunk out of it.

Long story short, there was some miscommunication somewhere and the jeweller had said he couldn't shave the engagement ring as it would weaken the supports. I asked what if he put some gold on the inside to strengthen it, and she asked and reported that would be ok. So i left my engagement ring with them and they're going to shave and resize it and also remake my wedder. I'm a little worried now about what they're going to do, after that stuff-up. Fingers crossed i guess, i can't do much more than explain exactly what i want and that's what i did (twice) today!

In good news we did pay off the rest of Rob's ring :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

IPL to remove freckles?

I'm considering doing a session of IPL to remove most of my remaining freckles. They've come back a little after getting sunburnt in Vietnam, and although the Bihaku worked beautifully last time, it's quite expensive.

I've read a lot of reviews, mostly on Vogue, where girls seem to have had quite a good result from one or two sessions of IPL. Since the freckles are only now really across my cheeks and nose i think i could get away with a half face IPL session which would be around $200, depending on where i go. Arms are a lot more expensive at around $600, but still cheaper than the $1150 for the RP Revision (which is like Bihaku for the body). I have way more freckles on my shoulders and arms than i do on my face now.

There's a few salons in Perth i've been looking at, such as Skin Deep, Cosmedical Skin Solutions, and Beaubelle Beauty Clinic, to name a few, but i haven't decided yet on one.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Europe holiday packing list

My packing list - i tried to think of everything i would need, then went to to add in anything else i'd forgotten.

Carry on
Neck pillow
Medications in ziplock
Danné superbright, vit c serum, suncream
Johnson's holiday skin
Dental floss
Heat protector
Sebastian Potion 9
Shower gel/soap
Nail clippers
Make up pads
Icebreaker tees
Icebreaker long sleeve
Icebreaker jacket
Windstopper jacket
Icebreaker skirt
Undies and bras
Salomon shoes
Lonely Planet
Camera charger and extra cards
Video cam charger
Mp3 player charger
Sleep sheet
Padlock and security cables
Alarm clock/watch with alarm
Travel docs
FF cards
Youth hostel card
Check in and out times
Copy of travel docs
Drivers licence
Reservation docs
Contact numbers for photographer and wedding planner
Pen and paper
Bank emergency numbers
Emergency numbers
Flight confirmation numbers

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding day packing list

I had one of my very rare wedding nightmares last night. For some reason, i was heading to Europe a few days earlier than Rob, and found myself waiting for a bus to go to the airport (from a suburb i don't live in) when i realised i didn't have any bags with me. I had about 40 mins before the plane left to head home and pack a bag - but as it does in dreams, time went very quickly and i didn't manage to pack a single thing, but rather wrote a list for my parents to pick up my dress and accessories to bring with them and asked Rob to bring me some clothes.

As silly as that dream was, i don't want to be spending the night before we leaving running round madly trying to think of everything i've forgotten, so i've written a list :) So far i've got stuff required for the wedding day itself, not the rest of the trip, but that will come over the next couple of nights. The list is a lot longer than i first thought!

Wedding day
Eyeshadow – mac wedge, girlie, shroom, showstopper
Eyeliner – urban decay 24-7
Mascara – maybelline great lash
False eyelashes and glue – 1000 hour
Foundation – everyday minerals ivory
Concealer – everyday minerals
Blush – mac tenderling
Lipstick – clinique black honey
Finishing powder – everyday minerals
Brushes – foundation, blush, eyeshadow, concealer
Makeup remover in case of mistakes
Brush, comb
2 lackeys
Bobby and fringe pins
Jewelled fringe pins
Bun ring
Buffing board
Emery board
French manicure kit
Dark red polish
Chantelle’s gift box
Earrings, bracelet, lariat necklace
Wedding ring
Silver shoes
Party feet inserts and strips
White thongs
Strapless bra
The dress!
Something old
Something blue
2 veils
Chanel Allure
Video cam
Mp3 player
Clutch purse
Sewing kit - cream cotton, stitch ripper, spare hooks & eyes, needle
Floral tape

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seven for Rome!

Yay!! My friend from uni who lives in Germany has just booked her flights for the wedding :) So we now have 7 guests for Rome :) I emailed Rob straight away to let him know the good news, think it's cheered him up a bit after the disappointment of his brother pulling out.

Very excited!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Working out our route around Europe

We've been busy working out the places we want to see on our honeymoon. Rob did up a list of all the places he wanted to see, and some more that i recommended and then handed it over to me to work out the best and cheapest ways of seeing it all. I've found some great websites that have helped me find the cheapest fare from the different flights, trains and buses. It takes a long time to do but i think we've got it to a point where we're happy with it now.

Megabus - UK only, very cheap bus/train fares but doesn't travel to all cities
Easybus - cheap fares from London to the four airports
Czech Transport - Bus travel in and out of Czech Republic to certain cities

The Train Line - valid for trains in the UK, usually will come up with the cheapest fare
SBB - Swiss rail system, will allow you to price trains to other cities too
TGV-Europe - same as SNCF, but in English, French rail bookings
RailEurope - English site for French rail bookings
Eurostar - Train link between certain European cities and London
DirectRail - if the Train Line doesn't find the cheapest fare, this site will!

Skyscanner - world-wide flights, you can view a whole month at a time to find the cheapest day to fly, includes most of the budget carriers

Friday, July 23, 2010

Best Man has cancelled

I've been suspecting this for a while. Our Best Man, who at first was very eager and wanted to know a lot of details about which flights we were on (i guess with a view to booking the same flight) early on in our wedding planning, has over the last 6 months or so stopped asking. When it came time to book his accommodation a few months ago we asked him if he'd booked his flight, and the answer was always that he couldn't afford it just now. This rang alarm bells for me immediately as he'd had a year and a half to save... if he hadn't saved enough for his flight by now, how was he going to afford accommodation, food, travel for the days we weren't paying for him?? Unfortunately he's had a lot going on in his life in the last few years and he seems to be trying to forget about it all by going out every weekend and drinking very heavily, and i think that's why he can't afford it.

Rob has been leaving voicemail messages for him over the last few weeks and managed to get hold of him today, when Glenn told him he didn't think he was going to be able to afford to fly over. Rob is now really sad that his brother won't be there with him on the day. He was really looking forward to some brother bonding time in Rome before we marry. We can't afford to buy a ticket for him so unless he manages in the next month or so to save enough money, that's it. Very sad.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My parasols arrived today. Two 84cm off-white parasols for $7.95 each plus postage :) Nice. I got them from Put It Out There, a very well priced bridal shop in Rockingham. I only ordered them on Friday so they're very quick with their postage.

Order of the Day

This is our Order of the Day which we emailed to our Rome guests. A lot of work went into this and i was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Details have been blanked out for privacy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have our final RSVP count - almost

After some nagging txts to people, we eventually got all the RSVPs done. We're waiting on 2 people to make a final decision for Rome (one is our best man!!) and all our Perth responses are back (or we've put down a no if we couldn't contact them) except the 5 Perth-only invites which we'll send in August. 

Our average amount of yeses to Perth was right on the global average that i've seen of 2/3 yes, 1/3 no. Rome was less than we'd hoped for, as several families who wanted to come couldn't get time off around those dates which was a shame.

I was quite disappointed that we had to remind so many guests. Clearly giving them a long time to RSVP doesn't increase the amount who do respond. Must make sure i'm not one of those guests for anyone who invites us in the future ;)

I've emailed out our Order of the Day for the Rome guests. We had some good feedback on them from my parents who especially loved the 'making of' photos on the last page! Will post some screenshots of the OotD this week.

So now waiting on those final people to respond for Rome so we know how many OOSs to print, and also for our best man to buy his plane ticket and confirm so we know whether to include his name in the bridal party in the booklet. Might be a matter of printing them the day before we fly out - hopefully he lets us know one way or the other before then.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What to do when wedding RSVPs are due back

Email, Facebook, sms.
Any way that will get to them fastest.

With a gentle reminder by email or sms, we've now managed to get down to waiting to hear from less than a third of our guests. A lot of them had been meaning to reply but hadn't got round to it - a reminder email seems to be an easy way to let them know it's ok to break tradition and that we'd prefer an electronic reply than none at all.

By far our favourite replies have been from people who've taken the time to buy a card as well as send their reply back :) it's a lovely extra thought.

We're now waiting on 20 replies for Perth (15 really as 5 invites are Perth only and so haven't yet been sent out), and 10 for Rome. We went through the list marking off those we knew wouldn't go to Rome, and although we can guess their response for Perth we are waiting for a confirmation. Our aim now is to get a definite reply from those people by next Wednesday (a week after close of RSVPs) as the wedding planner wants to know numbers.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RSVP updates

As of 7pm on the closing day of RSVPs, we have just over half of our replies in, and that's with Rob asking friends on Facebook over the last week. We have a few on their way that i know of, but for the rest the plan is to ask individually in whatever way we can contact them. We'll also go through and mark off those we can reasonably assume aren't coming.

Friday, June 25, 2010

RSVP woes - c'mon people, send them back!

We've passed the '2 weeks to go' mark for the RSVP return date, and still are waiting on 30 RSVPs to come back for 55 people. I think we'll be doing a lot of chasing up :(

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Makeup trials

I was searching for inspiration on the net last night and came across a picture from the Sydney Fashion Festival 2008. The model was wearing all corals - cheeks, eyes and lips, and it looked fantastic. The Adore Beauty article very handily had the makeup colours listed. I checked the eyeshadow (Paradisco) on the MAC site and found that it was a frost finish, which means it's got a fair bit of shimmer in it. I try to stay away from sparkly shadows as they don't suit me, and also they can reflect in photography so not good for wedding styles. Instead i had a look through their matte and satin finishes to see if there was a similar colour in a different finish, and found the closest matches were a satin called Girlie and a matte called Free to Be. Girlie was the closest match so i started searching on Google again for pictures using it.

Most of what i came across was makeup used on Kirsten Davis for the Twilight movies. There's a lot of websites which have the listing of the colours used on her, which for the eyeshadow were Blanc Type, Flute (no longer available, Girlie is the closest) and Wedge. I haven't seen the movies but they had a picture of her there and it was a nice natural look. Wedge is described as a soft muted golden beige taupe, in matte. Girlie is a soft muted rosy-pink with subtle shimmer in satin, and the highlight colour i will use is Shroom, a soft muted golden beige with opalescent shimmer (satin). I think these three will go well together, and i'll use Showstopper in the outer corner of my lid.

I need to go out and buy these before i do a proper trial, but in the meantime i had an old Maybelline compact in Designer Chocolates, which had a brown slightly darker than Wedge and a pink, so i used that to do a trial today. I also got to use the false lashes i bought :) 1000 hour individual lashes in Flared Medium Black. They're incredibly long so i'm glad i got medium instead of long.

In the first picture i've got 4 lashes on, but i decided to try 6 on the other eye, which blends the line of the lashes in better with my natural ones. The shadow seems *really* heavy to me in real life, but as you can see from the photos it looks subtle on film. Next trial we'll take in daylight with Rob's SLR to get it as close as possible to what the wedding photography will be like. These pics were taken indoors with my little compact.

DIY wedding invitation photo frame

I've also seen these called wedding shadow boxes, but mine's just done in a regular photo frame (16"x20" from Ikea), rather than a shadow box, as we didn't have anything that's more than a few millimetres thick.

This is it half finished. I have kept a space for our Order of Service and our Thank You postcards, and also a spot for a red autumn leaf and any other small items that we see that we know will remind us of the wedding. I also plan to stick all the pieces to a black backing sheet when i can find one, so they're on a temporary white one at the moment. Black will show them off better and look far more dramatic; white tends to clash with the ivory colour of the invitations.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wondering how many RSVPs we'll need to chase up?

We've just passed the 4 week mark since we sent out the invitations, and so far we've had 9 responses out of 70 invitees. I'm really happy that those 9 have taken the time to post back their responses, but am more than a little worried that in three weeks we're going to have to make 20 or so calls to find out who will be coming! Fingers crossed that most of them start coming back now that it's closer to the date.

I think even with a destination wedding, there's really no need to have such a long RSVP time period, especially since people had already make up their minds whether or not they were coming after the Save the Dates. For anyone about to send out their invitations for a destination wedding, i would recommend the same amount of time for your responses as you would for a local wedding - 3 or 4 weeks (assuming of course that you've sent Save the Dates in advance).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Accommodation booked

Took a break from wedding planning for a few weeks, and i'm just slowly easing back into it now. Tonight we booked the accommodation for us, my sister and her boyfriend, and our photographer. We will also book Rob's brother's room when he has bought his flight over.

We also made the final payment to the photographer tonight. One more payment out of the way (and out of our accounts).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Heard back from our photographer today, and he's confirmed the final amount we need to pay. He's also asked for the hard copy of our signed booking form so i'll send that to him tomorrow with some maps and info about the wedding - a shortened form of our Order of the Day and Programme which will be given to our Rome guests.

No RSVPs in our letterbox today. Bit early really to be expecting lots back but i'm still eager to check each day!

Last night my sister and her boyfriend gave a verbal RSVP, so that's another two yeses for Rome :), and a no from Chantelle for Perth (she came back home just last xmas and hates flying, so i didn't expect her to come back for November).

Monday, May 24, 2010

First RSVPs back!

We got our first RSVP back today :) Rob smsed me at work saying one had arrived. He waited until i got home from work and we opened it together. It was a great start; two yeses for both Rome and Perth!

We were fairly sure that this couple were coming to both as they'd already showed us their intended travel itinerary. They've been excited about our wedding and their holiday since the save-the-dates, and it's been great having someone else looking forward to it apart from us :) It's still exciting to see the confirmation in print though!

The wedding planner emailed me on Friday to ask if she could have the confirmed number of guests for the venue. I explained we'd only just sent out the invitations and she said she was happy to wait until the RSVPs are back. She also asked for the ceremony wording; Rob and i worked on that on the weekend and it's almost ready to send back to her.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hair trial

Before we left for Vietnam, i finished making my bun ring and did a trial on my hair. This was the result:


I was actually not planning on doing a full trial but just to see how the hair jewellery went in the bun ring. Happily for me i found it fairly easy.

The bun ring is made out of an old black nylon shower 'knot' - one of those plaited things that you get with shower gel. I pulled it apart and washed it in the machine, then ironed each piece flat under a teatowel. I melted one accidentally, so made the ring out of the two remaining pieces. I folded each piece into a tube the size of a sock, then rolled one of them into a donut shape, placed the other one over it and rolled it to make a fat donut.

I pull my hair up into a high ponytail and fasten it with an elastic, then slip the bun ring over the tail. I then separate the tail into a top and bottom half, brush each half, and lean forward so that i can spread each half evenly around the bun ring. I then place another elastic over the top so it fastens the hair at the base of the ring against your hair.

Now you're left with a perfect bun, albeit with the ends of your hair hanging out. You can either pin the ends neatly around the bun, hiding the elastic, or if your hair is long you can create pin curls around the ring, pinning them at the base and top with bobby pins. Then put your hair jewels in and it's done. It's the quickest and most professional looking hairstyle i've managed in my trials, definitely happy i've found this one. I was getting rather worried that i couldn't manage the previous styles i'd attempted.

I still need to practice how i'll do the front of my hair. I'll either sweep it to the side as usual and hairspray it into place, or sweep it to the side and french plait it. I would then take the plaits and pin them into the back of the bun.