Sunday, January 31, 2010

Petticoat finished!

I decided to finally finish the last two layers of my petticoat and get it out of the lounge room chair where it's been waiting for quite a few months now! It's now double the size and hopefully will hold my dress out properly (i haven't had a chance to try it yet).

My Bare Minerals sample arrived on Thursday with the very cute baby Buki brush. The sample was in Fairly Light, which is a shade too dark still for my skin, but wearable. So far it's staying power seems to be quite good, and coverage about medium. I'm sure it could do heavier coverage (there's still some freckles and dark undereye circles i could try to cover) but i'll wait until i find one that is a match for my skin before trying that. My Everyday Minerals sample pack was posted late last week so i hope to see that sometime this week.

My camera arrived two days after i ordered it! Amazing! Have been playing around with it, very easy to use and hopefully i'll get some nice shots out of it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Whoo! Heading off to the shops shortly to pick up some asparagus and ham for the pizzas tonight. Instead of having the traditional bbq we're going to fire up the pizza oven :)

Because of the Australia Day holiday, the beautician's was closed so i didn't have a Bihaku treatment on Saturday or today. The final one is tomorrow and then i have the lift off masque on Thursday. I was terribly flaky on Saturday, especially my chin and around my mouth, but on Sunday morning when i washed my face most of that dry skin came off and the skin underneath is beautifully soft, smooth and definitely more even toned! I'm so pleased with it. I still have freckles but they appear smaller and much lighter.

Yesterday on the way home from work i stopped by a shop in Subiaco called B Kind. They sell only organic beauty goodies such as skincare and makeup from companies that don't test on animals. I was interested in trying out the mineral makeup ranges they stock, Elusyian and Inika, both Australian made. Neither of their formulas contain Bismuth Oxychloride, which is a nasty that's contained in a lot of other mineral foundations and as well as being carcinogenic can cause your skin to break out. I was really impressed with the Inika mineral foundation in the colour Grace. It's a very good match for my skin tone and stayed on well from 5pm until i washed my face before bed. It is very pricey however - $60 for an 8g pot.

So i'm currently entertaining other options - i've ordered a sample of Bare Minerals in Fairly Light from eBay purely for the mini kabuki brush ($13.50 inc postage - well worth it for the brush alone!). Bare Escentuals unfortunately does contain Bismuth Oxychloride so i won't be continuing with it. I've also ordered a sample kit in Ivory from Everyday Minerals. The first sample in each order is free, so all you have to pay for is postage, which is US$4.37, probably about AUD$5 at the current exchange rate! Bargain! It's cheaper than most Australian postage!

And in the rest of my huge shopping spree this month, i've ordered my camera :) I decided to go with an online store called DWI which are based in Hong Kong. They've got good reviews and seem to be very quick - they dispatched my order to Fedex 6 hours after i ordered it yesterday and it's due here in two days time :) I bought the Fuji F200 EXR, which is a 12MP compact. My well worn Ixus 750 died last year and i've been borrowing my workmate's Powershot G2 ever since. It takes good photos but is very bulky, so not easy to carry round on holiday. I was going to go with another Ixus, but they don't offer aperture control (also known as depth of field) whereas Fuji do.

Now back to saving up!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tried on my wedding ring!

Rob and i went into town yesterday to go to the jewellers. I got to see my finished ring, i'm very happy with it! It's beautiful and fits perfectly. I've arranged to go back in August to hand over my engagement ring for a week or two so they can cut a section out of my wedding ring to make it fit flush against my engagement ring where the stones are held, and once that's done Rob's and my wedders will go to the engraver. I'll either get my engagement ring polished and dipped at the same time, or organise to get it done a fortnight before we leave.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bikahu - first liftoff masque

The first of two liftoff masques was applied today. It felt pretty similar to the enzyme mask at the start of the treatment except a little hotter, although that could have just been that it was a hot day today. It lifted off most of the obvious peeling, although my beautician said there is still more and it will continue even after the second masque, until my skin's finished shedding all the dead cells. After the masque i had the sixth Bihaku which stung for a lot longer than usual. This was expected as it was all new skin it was being applied onto.

My face looks a lot clearer than last week. It's still very definitely freckled, but there's areas where they're a lot lighter. Before and Halfway pictures are below! There's a bit of lighting difference between the two (the second one was shot on a cloudy day) but it does show the freckle difference.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My wedding updo!

After two trials of a gorgeous hairstyle that just wasn't going to work on my fine hair with my limited skills (Hairstyles-Teacher), i've found another that i had a quick try at today. Rob walked into the house after i'd finished it and immediately said, "New hairstyle. Wow!" and that was after a messy fast attempt, so it definitely looks like a goer! It's style LH02 on Weddinghair.

I need to grow my long fringe out further so i've got more hair to work with at the back. This style will work well with tiny flowers like the ones pictured on the site, crystals or a tiara. I'm having crystals, i do also have tiny flowers, still to decide which to use but i'll be practicing the style once a month until i've really got a handle on it.

Halfway through the Bihaku treatments

I've made the halfway mark now with my treatment this morning. I'm used to the stinging now and am glad to say it didn't get any worse than the first time. My skin gets a well deserved break for 2 days until i go back on Tuesday for the second half. It's been handling the peels pretty well, just started flaking Thursday around my mouth and that has now extended out to the sides of my nose, chin and is starting to appear in the lower half of my cheeks. According to the therapist this is exactly what's supposed to happen, as we're moving the pigment up into the top layers of my skin and loosening those cells, ready to come off with the lift-off masque on Tuesday. I'll take a 'halfway' photo on Tuesday arvo when i get home.

Tried to go into the jewellers yesterday after work but they were shut, the opening hours on their door said they close at 5pm on Friday - so much for their website saying 6:30! Guess they don't update it very often. They are open today and Sunday arvo, but it's forecast to be very hot this weekend and i don't want to go out in the sun any more than is necessary.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bihaku started

Had my first Bihaku session this afternoon. As it was the first appointment and i'm not a regular customer, my beautician suggested that i have an enzyme mask before i started the Bihaku to basically prep my skin ready for the assault. The enzyme mask takes 45 minutes and feels just like a regular mud mask when it first goes on, but then as it dries it gets really really tight. I could feel my skin pulsing underneath it from my circulation. It is designed to remove toxins by getting your blood circulating round and pushing toxins to the lymph nodes, so the mask runs from the top of your chest out to the top of the armpits, along the sides and front of your neck and all over your face. This covers a lot of lymph nodes, but i'm not used to having anything on my neck like that and as the mask gets tight it's a very odd feeling!

As the mask was drying, i requested a Medi-Pedi to get rid of some calluses on my feet. She put a liquid on my feet that felt a bit grainy, then with a spray bottle of water next to her to keep the liquid from drying rubbed my feet in the areas where the calluses were which seems to have removed a lot of the dead skin. It works pretty well, they're not completely gone but very much reduced. She said i'd need several treatments to get rid of them entirely.

Once the mask was removed, it was time for the Bihaku. She warned me that it would sting a bit... does it ever! My face got really hot, like i was standing out in the sun at midday with a bad sunburn. I told her that and she got a fan for me so i could wave air onto my face, this helped a lot. After probably two minutes my skin cools down and it's just a bit prickly, like a mild sunburn. She put a second application on my cheeks and nose which are the heaviest freckled parts, i fanned it again and then i was finished.

Rob took a 'before' photo when i got home (probably more accurately would be an 'after first treatment' photo!), and i'll get him to take another half way through, and another at the end to see if there's a noticable difference.

Another nine more treatments to go!

Wedding ring ready!

My jeweller rang this afternoon to let me know my ring has been made and is ready in the shop :) We'll head in on Friday arvo to pay for it and give them the script to engrave on it. We decided to go with engraving on the outside and the inside, as apparently the outside will wear very quickly. Will make another payment on Rob's ring as well and get that in for engraving at the same time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bihaku starting tomorrow

Tomorrow i'm heading to the beautician in my lunch break to start the first of ten Danné Bihaku treatments. They're designed to fade pigmentation, and i have a lot of freckles on my face that i would love to fade completely. I'll post before, during, and after pics to see if there's any noticable difference. I hope that it works by fading them all entirely, but i don't know if that's asking too much of it. My beautician thinks i'll get a good result from it, that the ones on my nose will remain as they're quite heavy, but they'll become less noticeable. It's the ones on my cheeks that really bother me and i hope they'll disappear completely.

Once the treatment is finished, i have to purchase several of the items used to continue a maintenance routine at home - otherwise they'll come back on exposure to the sun which, living in Perth, is really quite hard to avoid. I try to stay out of the sun other than getting in and out of the car/shops etc, and do outdoor pursuits such as swimming, gardening etc either early morning or late afternoon, and of course always with suncream on; hopefully this is enough to stop them coming back.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bridesmaid jewellery finished

Chantelle was back in Perth for xmas, so i took the opportunity to try her jewellery on her (i made her close her eyes so it's still a surprise for the wedding). I've now just finished resizing it and have enough beads left to make her a pair of earrings too, but i'll need some more earring hooks.

I also re-covered a gift box that's the perfect size for the jewellery, in some gorgeous heavy white fabric-feel paper i had left over, and wrapped some red ribbon round it. It needed something more so i made and added a ribbon bow.

Pictures and instructions for the jewellery will come after the wedding.

I also got her to try on my cocktail dress, but it doesn't fit her. She's going to look for a strapless black dress, cocktail style, when she's back in England and winter's finished.