Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bihaku started

Had my first Bihaku session this afternoon. As it was the first appointment and i'm not a regular customer, my beautician suggested that i have an enzyme mask before i started the Bihaku to basically prep my skin ready for the assault. The enzyme mask takes 45 minutes and feels just like a regular mud mask when it first goes on, but then as it dries it gets really really tight. I could feel my skin pulsing underneath it from my circulation. It is designed to remove toxins by getting your blood circulating round and pushing toxins to the lymph nodes, so the mask runs from the top of your chest out to the top of the armpits, along the sides and front of your neck and all over your face. This covers a lot of lymph nodes, but i'm not used to having anything on my neck like that and as the mask gets tight it's a very odd feeling!

As the mask was drying, i requested a Medi-Pedi to get rid of some calluses on my feet. She put a liquid on my feet that felt a bit grainy, then with a spray bottle of water next to her to keep the liquid from drying rubbed my feet in the areas where the calluses were which seems to have removed a lot of the dead skin. It works pretty well, they're not completely gone but very much reduced. She said i'd need several treatments to get rid of them entirely.

Once the mask was removed, it was time for the Bihaku. She warned me that it would sting a bit... does it ever! My face got really hot, like i was standing out in the sun at midday with a bad sunburn. I told her that and she got a fan for me so i could wave air onto my face, this helped a lot. After probably two minutes my skin cools down and it's just a bit prickly, like a mild sunburn. She put a second application on my cheeks and nose which are the heaviest freckled parts, i fanned it again and then i was finished.

Rob took a 'before' photo when i got home (probably more accurately would be an 'after first treatment' photo!), and i'll get him to take another half way through, and another at the end to see if there's a noticable difference.

Another nine more treatments to go!

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