Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bikahu - first liftoff masque

The first of two liftoff masques was applied today. It felt pretty similar to the enzyme mask at the start of the treatment except a little hotter, although that could have just been that it was a hot day today. It lifted off most of the obvious peeling, although my beautician said there is still more and it will continue even after the second masque, until my skin's finished shedding all the dead cells. After the masque i had the sixth Bihaku which stung for a lot longer than usual. This was expected as it was all new skin it was being applied onto.

My face looks a lot clearer than last week. It's still very definitely freckled, but there's areas where they're a lot lighter. Before and Halfway pictures are below! There's a bit of lighting difference between the two (the second one was shot on a cloudy day) but it does show the freckle difference.

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