Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bridesmaid jewellery finished

Chantelle was back in Perth for xmas, so i took the opportunity to try her jewellery on her (i made her close her eyes so it's still a surprise for the wedding). I've now just finished resizing it and have enough beads left to make her a pair of earrings too, but i'll need some more earring hooks.

I also re-covered a gift box that's the perfect size for the jewellery, in some gorgeous heavy white fabric-feel paper i had left over, and wrapped some red ribbon round it. It needed something more so i made and added a ribbon bow.

Pictures and instructions for the jewellery will come after the wedding.

I also got her to try on my cocktail dress, but it doesn't fit her. She's going to look for a strapless black dress, cocktail style, when she's back in England and winter's finished.

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